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increase Kcal expend in heat

Does anyone know if you increase thermogenisis while working out in hot weather? I have my home gym in my garage and have to workout in whatever the weather is like outside at the time. The other day it was close to 90 outside(no idea inside the garage) and I was sweating my ass off, but I’m not sure if that really translates in to more Kcal burn.

Although I can’t provide the science behind it I’d say yes you could likely benefit from upping your kcal intake at least slightly if not more the more time you spend in the heat doing any type of work.

I’m a hardgainer and spent one summer roofing houses in West Texas, lifting in the early evenings, and trying to bulk at the same time… I was able to do it by following this simple rule:

“If I am awake I need to be chewing”

It will yes, although I’m not sure as to the degree.

Are you bulking or cutting? Or just looking for general knowledge?

This is one of those topics that falls under the category of minutiae. Maybe a little. It has discussed before that you actually burn more in cold weather cuz you’re body has to generate excess heat. But the bottomline is that weather has little effect on you’re over kcal burn during exercise.

I’m actually cutting right now, so every little bit from any source is a good thing.

[quote]randman wrote:
This is one of those topics that falls under the category of minutiae. Maybe a little. [/quote]

I agree with this. When I was in India working it was over 104 every day, you just adjust. The Olympic team I was working with was no less body fat than anywhere else. the body is just amazing at adjusting.

I don’t know about the kcal considerations but I like to workout “warm”. I generally lift in either a longsleeve t-shirt or a normal run-of-the-mill sweatshirt with either some long shorts or some sweats. I like to sweat a lot as I think it helps detoxify my body and just make sure I drink a ton of water. Clearly running out in 100 degree heat with humidity or doing something insane that is going to cause heat stroke is a consideration. This isn’t going to happen to me in a gym but sometimes its really easy to overheat outside with cool clothing on in Florida.

This was just in Lonnie Lowery’s article and he states in the article that you burn more calories in the cold, because your body has to use more energy to maintain your core temperature. Check it out here: http://www.t-nation.com/findArticle.do?article=04-002-diet