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Increase in Testosterone While on Same Dose

In the same logic sub-q also works for many guys. How do you know you are not doing sub-q this way?

Overall distribution of mean skin + subcutaneous tissue (arm)

<17 4.14mm ± 1.45
17-19 5.93mm ± 1.42
19-23 8.62mm ± 2.14
23-25 9.50mm ± 2.25
greater than 25 11.57mm ± 2.73

1/2 inch is 12.5mm. Unless you are obese you should have no problem
doing IM in the delt with a 1/2 inch needle. Even 5/8 inch would be fine
for most unless you are morbidly obese in which case you should probably
get your weight in order before considering TRT.

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Well I tell you that is NOT the case and nobody can make me agree to that no matter what proof and documents you pull out. I’ve been doing IM with 1/2 for six weeks

You don’t agree but you have been doing IM with 1/2 for 6 weeks? If you don’t agree why are you doing IM with a 1/2 needle?

Because I was misinformed from such advice. It didnt work well for me, I felt like shit and my levels were relatively low for the dosage I used. Im pretty sure I was doing sub-q in the shoulder or something in between, but nothing to do with real IM injection

Just because it doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean it is NOT the case and a HUGE mistake. There are plenty of people on this forum and tons of youtube videos about people having success with IM injections using 1/2 inch insulin needles. I’ll go with my own experience and those that are dialed in along with the medical studies showing the thickness of skin and subcutaneous tissue in the arm over one person on a forum that changes protocol every few weeks and can’t seem to get dialed in.

I can introduce you to many other for which it doesnt work. One such guy pointed me what to do to get this fixed - just longer needle. The fact that SOMETHING works for someone doesnt mean it should be given as an advice. And the DEEP IM which is the proper way to do IM - please show me someone for whom it didnt work, that there was bad absorbtion or somthing like that.

Why do I have to show you an example for someone that it didn’t work? I am talking from personal experience and many others that have had great success and posted medical data about the thickness of the tissue showing 1/2 is plenty for most for an IM in the delt. You make no sense. Carry on. I don’t have time to waste. Keep trying to get dialed in. I suspect in 6 months you will still be trying.

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You still seem to lack basic logic. You cannot project that if something works for 20-30 percent of people it will work on every one. This is HUGE MISINFORMATION.

At least for sub-q people say it doesnt work for every one. But for plenty of guys it does right? The same is with this 1/2 so called “IM”.

It works on way more than 20-30% of people. Maybe it’s not 100%, I don’t know. But it’s still an easy way to inject often that doesn’t hurt for most and does work for most. You’re an odd case and that’s fine.

Have you had bloodwork done since switching to a longer needle? I’m curious to see how much your levels have increased

I think its too early yet for bloodwork, started just a few days ago

He took one shot with a 1 inch and said he felt much better. That is what he is basing his conclusion on, haha. Have to admit, he is good entertainment.

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I may do some total test only blood work in 3-4 weeks. According to the charts the test should have reached 70 of the levels in my organism around then. I can bet a lot of money the levels will be pretty good. Im just certain of it. How will I feel when this protocol stabilizes - about to see.

If you feel that much different and are that sure it’s from your levels finally being up the blood work would prove that, regardless of how long it’s been

Yep but what my blood work will tell me now after only 2 injections?
I think how you feel is not just a matter of the levels. It is also a function of how testosterone is absorbed and metabolized in the body.
Ive seen more than one guy here posting that they feel different on sub-q and IM with identical levels in both cases.

Wait a couple of weeks and I will show the blood work. I planned to use higher dose, but the way I feel absorption no need.
So the last time I waited out a protocol to build up I used 22.5mg daily as did when I started TRT, now I will use 45mg EOD.
Just to be sure Im doing it right I will try to inject with 1 inch needle I will buy a few today. 3/4 is not longer enough than 1/2 I think

When i first took a shot of T about 8 years ago i didn’t have low t and that first shot had me euphoric for about 3 days. I was simply amazed how fucking awesome i felt. I immediately threw the bottle away and never took another shot. Now i have low t and have been on t for some time. i did not get the same effect . My baseline was 200 and 3 free t.

So yah you can definitely feel one shot if you have already normal levels. Not sure why or how.

For someone with Low t, i cannot see how it would be much. Although i can imagine some sort of different can be felt in hours time.

I just dont think youll feel awesome or a wow that worked type of feeling overnight.

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Intermuscular injection. 1/2 needle is plenty if you arent obese. I mean my ass does not carry fat and neither do my legs.