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Increase in Test Per 100mg Injected


is there a general amount of increase in total test per 100 millagrams and what is a safe upper limit? My DR said i could do what felt good to me i am at 200 millagrams now thinking about going up to 250.


I assume you're talking Testosterone injections. Most people respond very well to 100mg (and will obtain a reasonable increase in TT and FT) once comorbidities are resolved (e.g. poor adrenal function, hypothyroidism, etc.).

I strongly question your doctor's knowledge on this subject. You never "do what feels good to you", you start on a reasonable dose (i.e. 100mg/wk) and run blood tests at reasonable intervals and adjust dosage as needed. If you need 200mg to get to a decent level of T, you should seriously consider looking into comorbidities to your hypogonadism.

If you'd like more advice, I highly recommend posting labs (with units of measurement and lab ranges), medical history, etc.


I started at 100 had bloodwork was still low put me at 150 and now i'm at 200 im on hcg as well his point was he treats the person not lab's, and i could go higher and retest. He specializes in this and is on it him self.


Pillsboy - Next time you post it's best to post all of your labs, your medical history, about yourself, medications you're taking...things like that. See other threads/cases here and you will understand. Most importatnly read and then re-read the stickies above. Starting a thread like you did with little information is confusing and why you got some of responses you did.

There are extremely knowledgeable people on this board who can provide you with excellent counsel and advice.

Just a bit of advice.



What's "low"? Treating "the person" and not "the labs" is, generally, stupid. Both symptoms and lab results need to be considered; if you're not responding well to 100mg, much less 200mg, then something else is probably going on, and your labs will reflect that.

Please post all of your labs with units of measure and lab ranges.


Read: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/prototype_advice_for_new_guys

and the other stickies.

A few are hypermetabolizers of T who need 300mg/week to get high normal range TT.