% Increase in T for Positive Effects

With most substances there is a nill amount. An amount where no noticeable chance can be seen from the substance be it added or subtracted. How much does it take in an increase in a mans Test. In order to yield an effect.

I ask cause i believe how you train can have an effect.
What you eat can have an effect.
How you sleep can have an effect
I’d like to maximize 2013 the best i can. So I’m learning now.

Last questions.
For people who use artificial test.
If you use too much does it turn to estrogen. If so this represents waste and over dose doesn’t it? How much over what the subject is producing naturally would you aim to maintain for muscle gain?

Please read the stickies, there is a of information there. You have a great deal of learning to do. Please do not ask 20 questions before you make the effort to understand the provided material.

When someone starts taking T, their own production of T is stopped. So part of the replacement dose simply takes your T to where it was already, so some of the cost/benefit is lost. But the cost/benefit is higher for those starting from the lower T levels.

I suggest that you not worry about your “nil amount”, no one else is concerned about that.

What is artificial testosterone? Injected testosterone esters are dissolved in oil and as the oil is absorbed, the T-esters are exposed to the body’s metabolic processes and the ester groups are removed, the result is bio-identical testosterone.