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Increase In Lung Capacity?


hey all,

I was wondering if anyone found an increase in lung capacity purely from doing weights, no aerobics at all. cos i put on 20% increase in FVC after 2 onths of doing just chinups every day, it must have taken 10 minutes maybe 15 tops but thats all i did. Just wondering if anyone had a similar experience. Thanks


One word/name:



What was your FVC before?


An X-vest has a nice way of constricting on your gut so you are using your lungs even more. Load that up w/ 30-40 lbs. and hit some traditional bodyweight exercises.


You breath equally with your lungs regardless of whether the stomach is held tight.

Doing this does lead to greater use of the muscle in the upper thoracic cavity, but it's not the preferred method for improving athletic performance.

You want to "breath" with the diaphram.


My FVC was 60 percent, thank you all for your tips, i'm 6'4" and 84kg at 18 years old more details please ask, i've lurked on this site for 1 year and i respect your opinions.


My training partner and I always comment after performing one high rep set of Chins: "This is just like running 300 yards at top speed."

If you perform five sets of high rep Chins (or anything else that is demanding) you are absolutely working your heart and lungs.


I don't think you could have increased your FVC by 20% just by doing chin ups. Not saying you haven't improved, but working with pulmonary function tests is what I do for a living and really that is not possible. In order for a test to be reliable the test taker must perform the PFT at least 3 times, with all 3 being pretty close with consistancy. Also, the equipment needs to be calibrated often. Just some input.



check that out, a progressive breathing restrictor

for those of you who need iron lungs to match the rest of your body


Thanks for that buffy, this period of increased FVC could have just coincided with natural growth,as this was when i was 16 going on 17


I wasn't the one performing the tests on myself i was just the patient, i've bin given FVC tests by my specialist since i was 6 on account of my premature birth, so i can only assume they knew wat they were doing when they calibrated the test.


Wow hold on PFT? How do u determine FVC?


FVC stands for Forced Vital Capacity, that is the volume of air expelled by a forced maximal expiration from a maximum inspiration. your % is determined by your gender, age, weight, height, if you have smoked and how many years. a "normal" FVC should be between 80-100%. when you start getting lower than 80%, that is when you see you might have a lung disease. but again this all needs to be done by a professional and correctly...it can be skewed very easily.


Thank you for that, I had as a boy a FVC of approximately 66% and yes that does mean i have had or prehaps still have chronic lung disease, add in some asthma and your set. I started this post mainly to see if there was any correlation between upper body strength and lung capacity, or to prove wether this increase on my part was merely coincidence. Thank you all for your time