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Increase in Lifting Frequency on Cut

I recently transitioned from bulking to cutting. For the bulk I was doing a 3 day split as follows:

Mon --> Chest/shoulders/triceps
Wed --> Back/biceps
Fri --> Legs

I have been reading a lot recently about how many people do better hitting each muscle group twice per week rather than once. I will definitely do this the next time I bulk to see if I respond better.

Do you guys think it would be bad to suddenly INCREASE my frequency of lifting, while on the cut, or can I potentially benefit from this increased frequency? For my first week of cutting I did:

Mon --> Chest/shoulders/triceps
Wed --> Back/biceps
Thur --> Chest/shoulders/triceps
Fri --> Legs
Sat --> Back/biceps

Subjectively speaking it felt fine and I had plenty of energy despite the caloric deficit. I was excited to hit the gym every day.

To summarize:

(1) Will it likely have a negative effect to start lifting this much on my cut?
(2) Is it possible that it will actually help me to increase my frequency like this while on the cut?

Thanks for taking the time to read this guys.

Haha I assume you are referring to my lack of focus on legs.

That is actually because I naturally have very large/strong legs whereas the rest of me is lagging, so I am doing it that way for now to try to compensate a bit.

When bulking again I think I am going to do the Layne Norton PHAT program, which has plenty of legs emphasis.

I definitely train them hard and take them seriously, it is just less of an issue for me.

Don’t bother increasing anything whilst your cutting you will just burn out. Focus on maintain your strength whilst you lose body fat then on your next gain cycle slowly add more frequency.