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Increase In Estimated 1RM Outpacing Actual 1RM


I recently tested my actual 1RM values and found they they fell significantly short of what was predicted by the estimates.

My short term goal is to get my main 3 lifts up to the 1000 lb mark. Since my estimated max values hit about 1040 at the end of this cycle, I thought I’d take the chance during my deload to test my actual 1RM values. While I’ve definitely gotten stronger, the increases in my estimated max numbers were much higher than the actuals.

Is this normal? I guess it makes sense that I would see more improvement in the rep range that I was actually working, but I sort of expected to see more carry-over into the true 1RM numbers. No plans to change course, but does this raise any red flags?

I’ve been doing mostly BBB for assistance work, but I also go to Crossfit 3x / week (i know, but i like it), so some weeks I just do the main lifts and use CrossFit as my accessory work.


Im not jim but your goal dosn’t match up with your training. If it were me i would -get rid of crossfit (once you achieve your short term goal you can go back to it if it is some sort of wod you want to achieve or whatever they do ) - run fsl for a few cycles with jokers thrown into last cycle to get feel for heavier weights (this may not be the issue you most probs just killing your goal with the crossfit). Point is if you have a goal you have to go all in on it with everything that you do.


I believe one of Jim’s books has a part about 5/3/1 and Crossfit. If you want to do Crossfit, I suggest you do it the way he recommends and not with BBB. Don’t mix different templates but choose one from the books and stick with it at least a couple cycles. Don’t jump from one template to another / don’t change your supplemental and assistance work from week to week. Also, if you are doing 5/3/1 3-4 days and PLUS Crossfit 3 days a week, which would equal to 6-7 days of lifting, this would be counterproductive for most people.


Using crossfit to get stronger is like using golf to get better at football. Stop with the amateur stuff.


Also - I address the estimated Max vs real max in the book. Its only function is to compare rep maxes - as said in the book.