Increase in Calories Burned

What is the increase in the number of calories per hour that are burned for 24 hours after a tough work out.

Female 40 yrs old 180 pounds …

Example work out

Squat 95 pounds full squat 8 x 8 20 sec rest between sets

Leg extension 100 pounds 10 x 5 10 sec rest between sets

Leg curl 90 pounds 10 x 3 5 sec rest between sets

Close grip pull downs 50 pounds 8 x 8 10 sec rest between sets

Low back extension Machine 110 pounds 10x 5 with 5 sec rest Between sets

Elliptical 20 minutes at a 10 minute mile pace.

I was wondering about the number of calories over the next 24 hours would this work out consume. I also know that the Elliptical only burns calories durring the time performed.

This is a pretty intense work out for her but she does make it happen.

There was an article a few months back that went into detail about this, I think it was somewhere around 600-700 calories burned post workout in a 24hr. period in the studies they did.

Any exact number will be wrong.

Even the number the internet or elliptical machine gives you will degrade over time if you do it consistently.

The most accurate information I’ve been able to get is to observe how my metabolism operates with the same activity level (workouts) and same diet (kcal/protein level) over a week long period. And then adjust diet and training depending on what my goals are.