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Increase Female Sex Drive

Problems with sex drive? Uh huh… Ya… Hmmmmmmmmmm… I know…No one wants to talk about this subject openly. Most people who have an issue in that department decide to just live with it or frantically search google in hopes to find some useful advise on the subject.

Women have problems with their sex drive just as much as men do and it’s not always a simple solution. Having a low sex drive can be very upsetting for your partner and yourself… After having 2 kids I wouldn’t lie and tell you my sex life is perfect, I have experienced many ups and downs since having them.

If you’re like me then you may be asking yourself questions like… Is there something wrong with me? Are other women like this? Well, there’s a pretty good chance you’re “normal” like the rest of us… We all have fluctuations in sex drive and have problems arise throughout our lives. Good news is that I’ve found a solution that worked for me!

After suffering from an all time low I was determined to find something that works… I FOUND IT!(by accident) Biotest Fahrenheit!!! I started taking it last week because I wanted to see how the product worked for my metabolism. Without changing my diet, training or anything else I’ve already lost weight since I started it.

Ok, now to the other important part… After the second day I noticed a significant increase in my sex drive and didn’t really pay attention to it because I thought it might be just a one time thing and it would pass as it usually does BUT it continued and without getting into too much detail here I’ll just let you know it just got better! Let’s just say it’s a good thing that I have a husband!!

FAHRENHEIT FOR THE WIN! Ladies, you HAVE to try this! I know you guys are reading this too, so feel free to comment here :wink: and buy some for your wife/girlfriend… She’ll thank you later… And you’ll thank me later for sharing :))))

Ok… so as my wife decides to share WAY too much info here…
I’ll have to forgive her here as it’s SO WORTH IT! :)))))

Yeup! I’m taking Fahrenheit and Se7en; figured it was one of those…

[quote]erikamhorton wrote:
Yeup! I’m taking Fahrenheit and Se7en; figured it was one of those…[/quote]

Yes, it’s a great combo I take both of them as well… Narrowed it down to the Fahrenheit because of the yohimbe combined with the other ingredients.