Increase Explosive Force - Instantly!

by TMUSCLE Research Group


Sounds pretty cool, sounds too good to be true to me, I am interested to see what people think.

[quote]VikingsAD28 wrote:
Sounds pretty cool, sounds too good to be true to me, I am interested to see what people think.[/quote]

Exactly what I was thinking. I’m very interested in hearing what CT has to say about it and the experience.

FWIW, last year I tried a supplement that contained 715 mg of d-Ribose, Taurine, Kre-Alkayn, and Alpha-GPC per tablet. And I would take four tablets before exercise and two after. This would be a total of 4,290 mg/day. Now, who knows how much Alpha-GPC was actually in it considering it is the last listed ingredient, but I did improve my vertical jump 3.5 inches in 3 weeks while using it. My other lifts improve too.

Saying all this it would be very difficult to attribute these improvements to simply the Alpha-GPC or this supplement I took. The training I was engaging in was designed for peak speed, so it could have been just the training methodologies.

However, I will be interested to see how this might work.

Tim Z:

How long do the effects of a single dose last?

Say I take 1200 mg about 90 min before my 11 am workout. Would I need to take a second dose for the same benefits if I plan on working out a SECOND time in the evening?

Also, does Alpha-GPC “linger” in your system if you’ve been on it for a while ( > 3 weeks), and are there any known toxicity issues?

I was interested to see this article. I had a friend of who worked out with me 2 years ago who had bought a generic Alpha-GPC after hearing about it during a discusion on a local radio station about HGH in baseball. This friend of mine is very very week when he started working out he weighted 180lbs and could only bench 95lbs. The first 3 weeks of lifting his bench was up to 110lbs the week after taking alpha gpc his bench jumped to 145lbs. I took this as a placebo effect mixed with beginers gains, after reading this article im leaning towards agreeing with him that the Alpha-GPC did in fact help

im buying some tomorrow

I am going to try this.

300 pound bench, here I come.

Interesting. I commend Biotest for constantly pushing the envelope and I feel they have some great products, but I’m slightly skeptical about this. To be honest, I’d bet half the people who take it could do a 5-10 pound PR just from being told that it makes you more fast-twitch ‘able’. Of course I’m not knocking the product or research in the least, but I’ve read studies like that.

I admit, it may be fun to try sometime, when the funds permit.

bought me two straight away… let’s test these suckers out :slight_smile:

In the article, it says to use 900-1200 mg’s 60-90 minutes before training. On the bottle it says that one serving (2 capsules) equals 600 mg’s, so there’s 300 mg’s per capsule. Why isn’t a serving 3 or 4 capsules?

Also, what was the dosage used in the study?

Very excited too, especially after Poliquin raving about it. Grabbing a couple of these bad mothers…

First Biotest product to pique my interest in a while, I’ve been doing a lot of jump training lately, could maybe benefit from something like this… hmmm

i wonder if Alpha-GPC can be taken with Alpha Male, Hot-Rox, etc.

This sounds great. Unfortunately Alpha-GPC products are classified as prescription drug in EU…

Interesting, and reasonably priced, may have to purchase!

What about when you stop taking it? Will there be a drop in strength once you stop taking it? Will you need to keep taking it to maintain the results you gain from it?

Am I right in thinking that this will only improve Explosive lifts?

So this is best used for getting the Bench, Power Clean, Olympic lift numbers up?

Also, would this be best for someone whos explosive strength has seen a considerable slow down, i.e. not really making strength gains any more or haven’t made seen strength gains in a while?


Nootropics are great, so this will probably give a good feeling to those who take it.

Sure this is out of context, but I found this portion of the article funny:

"How Does ALPHA-GPC Work?

Bottom line, alpha-GPC works. What isn’t exactly clear is how it works…"

How does it work? It does!

This should be interesting to hear peoples thoughts after they are on it for a bit.

Is there any benifit to taking outside workouts (example before bed) to increase GH?

At $50 for two bottles, I’ll give it a try. I am starting Cressey’s Maximum Strength program next week, it seems like a good addition.

Quick question for the experts. The label says 2 capsules prior to training, so no dosage on non-workout days? (I know it should be obvious, I just want to confirm.)