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Increase Deadlift Without Deadlifting?


hello, whenever i deadlift, i'm OUT for the next 2-3 days, which is getting in the way of my football and lacrosse practices. i was wondering if there's a way to increase the deadlift without doing balls to the walls dealdifting.
*i can't do a speed day because my legs are too tired after lacrosse and football.
*i pull sumo(max is between 350 and 360@169lbs)
*i squat(alternate front and back) on another day, and do olympic lifting since i get it free from my school since they want us to power clean with good form. i leg curl on the squat day. i do chin ups another day too.
*i log my deadlift day as "posterior chain and back day" on my split because i don't have many days to workout(football and lacrosse)

this is what i'm thinking to do.
(1.singles with sumo deadlift up to a weight that moderately difficult but form is still solid.(just to remember technique, it would go like:225x1, 245x1, 275x1, 295x1,315x1 done)
(2. good mornings:2 sets ramped(i always do this, ex:155x7/170x5)
(3.romanian deadlift:3 sets ramped(ex:185x5/205x5/225x5)
(4.seated cable rows:(somexsome for 5-8 reps)
(5.t bar rows:(somexsome for 8-12 reps)
(6.rear delt flyes:(somexsome for 10-15 reps)

my question is, would this work, or is it idiotic?
also, once lacrosse and football is over(oct 2011! =( , i'm going to add a speed day!


More protein and foam roll, it helped my recovery when I started pulling heavier weights.

I'm by no means a 'boss' deadlifter or anything but my body doesn't respond like you are hoping yours to. And the deadlift is a pretty CNS taxing exercise... not like you're going to 'lose' a lot I don't think, but gains are made (for my body anyway) by doing the exercise you want to improve. Accessory work, though you may use all the same muscles, don't equal the whole product... (once again, in my experience).

If you want to make gains in deads, pull deads. :slightly_smiling:


Everyone is different on this issue. Personally, I have made my best gains on deadlift by not deadlifting, just squatting a hell of a lot. Over the summer, my best raw pull went from 385x1 to an easy 405x3 that I did after front squatting. It is noteworthy that my squat went up an equivalent amount (295x1 to 300x5), and that I tend to use a lot of lower back when I squat.


i wondering if i should do box squats since my gym has aerobic steps and i can make a box out of that. (i think it was in the article"inject some testerone into your health club"). would that work, provided i'm using correct form(no bouncing, no ego, and exploding up through the hips)

if i do the box squat i guess my workout would be like this:
sumo dealdift(technique/speed pulls?)
box squat 5x5
good mornings 2 sets ramped
same back work

*my squat day has Olympic style front and back squats so i guess it wouldn't be redundant to squat again.


Try deadlifting every other week using bands or chains, always keeping the bar weight at a submaximal weight. Work up to a max for the day and back off a bit for a few doubles. The low volume will help with fatigue, and pulling against accommodating resistance is easier for most to recover from than pulling heavy off the floor, plus you'll learn to pull faster. On the days you don't pull, make GM's your ME movement for heavy triples. Also, since the volume is clearly a bit much during the season, I would cut down on the other lower body day as well, maybe back off on the weight with PC's for a while to stay fast and efficient and do only one squat variation per workout for a while. Cut down to bare basics. In-season is not the time to get new PR's, it's a time to maintain as much strength and muscle as you can while you allow yourself maximal recovery to perform optimally without injury or overtraining. Once the season ends, progress should start again.


That's like trying to improve your bench without benching... it just doesn't happen. Sure you may take some time off from deadlifts and come back a few weeks later and find your deadlift went up slightly. That would probably mean you were fatigued and the break gave your body time to repair itself and get stronger. The bottom line is that anyone that want's to improve their deadlift does deadlifts. It's the same with squats, rows, pullups, etc...

You've got a lot going on. Just get through the season, then worry about increasing your deadlift.


So you are saying that if a person strenghtend his or her hamstrings, glutes, lower and upper back, quads, abs and grip through ANY exercise then his or her deadlift wouldn't be improved? All I have to say to that is ha!


Deadlifting is in large part training the movement pattern. I've never been able to make deadlift gains without deadlifting (I have tried).

To the OP:
Don't try to ride multiple horses at once. If you are playing multiple demanding sports at once, you probably need to back off your weight training if you aren't recovering. You need to pick a goal.


I've been able to increase my deadlift without deadlifting heavy, but I do pull for speed and squat heavy. I second the opinion above. If you can't recover or even pull for speed, stick to squatting. Program around your sport.


Im sure alot of powerlifters never deadlift until a meet. I think I read that andy bolton doesnt.. not too sure. But probs had to deadlift to get upto where he is.. god knows. lol


Bolton does shitloads of speed pulls and heavy deadlifts off of blocks of various heights. These two variations are in a HUGE number of his training videos. He has said before that he doesn't pull maximum singles very frequently from the floor, but he is still doing lots of DL work. NO ONE with a decent pull never trains it.


i tried box squats today and was in for a shocker. i'm extremely weak on them. i got 155x3, which is lower than my 5 rep good mornings after sumo deadlifts. getting those up to 315x3 to fix my current weakness which appears to be lack of posterior chain strength/starting strength.

and i never said i was gonna stop dealdifting, i'm going to pull to a nice easy 315 every week for a single before my box squats and good mornings just to remember proper technique. this thread was about if getting strong in other lifts would help my deadlift while not actually increasing the amount i deadlift in training.


My last post wasn't directed at you. I was talking to the guy who said Andy Bolton and other top powerlifters probably never deadlift. As for you, considering the box squat beatdown you just took, I think you've found exactly what you need: box squats. Hit em. This will push your squat numbers and deadlift numbers. The recovery from box squatting seems to be faster as well so it may be a good move to focus on right now. I still think you would be fine to drop the DL's to every other week though, at least for the duration of the season. This is personal opinion though. I have coached some athletes who can pull like a boss every week and still be good to go on the field. Others, myself included, get beat up fast from consecutive heavy pulls and need to back off. Try it at the lighter weight like you said and see how it goes. You can always drop them down some if it's too much.


This is really your biggest issue. You can't expect to be pulling pr's in season during lax or football. Use the winter and summer to get strong. Use the season to stay in one piece and healthy.


the problem is that the seasons/practice end in nov 17, 2011!

oct 1 2010-may 12,2011=lacrosse and football practice
may 12,2011-august 31,2011=lacrosse season and football practice
august 31,2011-november 17,2011=football season


well that sucks. Are you going to running out of lax eligibility? just curious as to why you wouldnt have a second lax season in there.


our lacrosse and football teams suck lol, so we're required to have MONTHS more practice.


Oh... btw, between football, lacrosse, and weightlifting, are you eating enough? Just because your not losing weight doesn't necessarily mean that you're eating enough food. It could just be that your body has shut down your metabolism. Symptoms might include constant tiredness and flat looking muscles.


I second this. I work with some high school football teams and train some high school athletes and its disturbing what their daily food intake is. Here is what I'm recommending, and I guarantee it works. I don't care if you think you are eating right or not right now. Write down what you eat in a day on a piece of paper. Then write a "x2" next to everything, and start eating that much. Guaranteed to gain weight, get stronger, and recover better or your money back!


Yes, that's precisely what he said and he's right. Try and prove us wrong just for fun.