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Increase Daily Injection Dose, New Side Effects

Hello, longtime lurker and first post. I’m a 40 year old who has been on TRT for 6 years. About 8 months ago I switched to daily injections using Test E 10mg. After 4 months of that I moved to 12mg due low levels. My bloods from a month ago were

Total T 608ng ( 250-827 ng/dL)
Free T 115pg ( 46.0-224.0 pg/ml)
Estradiol LC/MS 30pg ( ≤29 pg/mL)

So I decided to move to 14mg daily from the free T still being low. It has been a week since that. I know from reading we should stick it out 6 weeks or more. But, so far since the change, erections have disappeared. I thought I would try some V I had on hand and had no effect either. I also have gotten irritable since the change. Is this something to be expected? I really did not notice this when moving from 10mg to 12mg. Any insight would be appreciated.
I’m testosterone only as well. No HCG or AI.

It sounds like you are basing your decision to increase your dosage based off numbers, not because of symptoms. You found a protocol that works, I suggest you go back to it.

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Were you happy with your results on 10mg? On 12mg?

I did not necessarily feel great on the 12mg daily. When do twice a week with 50-60mg each injection. I had great erections just with days of insomnia and mood disruptions through the week. So I figured the swings were causing the issue, that’s when I started reading about daily injections. To be honest my free T is not that higher now, from reading most need their free T in the upper quarter to feel good. My idea was to start low and increase to find a good dosage. Just not sure why the change to 14Mg caused the issues. Going to stick with though for the time being.

If 14mg doesn’t do the trick try doing a larger increase like 20mg/day. A couple mg/day difference isn’t going to do much. It doesn’t look like you’re an “over-responder” to T and you are still on a low dosage. 20mg/day would put you at 140mg/week which is moderate at best and I’d bet you’d feel like a whole different human after a couple months.


If you find you just don’t you feel good on a daily protocol, you might try an EOD protocol which is inbetween a 3.5 day protocol and a daily protocol. Some guys really have to hunt for the prefect injection frequency until all issues are resolved.

14mg per day is not that big of a dose, it equates to 98mg per week, which is what i would consider a starting dose. See the graph below on calculated T release from the ester. You are averaging about 10mg molecular T being released from the ester per day. The average adult male produces about 7mg, so you are no where near being superphysiological in T levels. Your bolood results show this, you’re pretty much in the middle of normal.

If 14mg per day’s not doing it and you still want to stick with daily dosing, then bump it up in units that are convenient to measure. In this case 0.1mL per day of a 200mg/mL solution will be 20mg/day, or about 140mg/week. We are all different in how we metabolize T, but in my recent experience.found that going from ~100mg per week (in an E3D protocol) to 120, I felt better and had better libido and recovery. Going to 140, did not improve the cognitive function or libido any, but did improve the recovery and i felt better overall. I’m probably going to leave it there.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with doses and protocols (if you have adequate supplies).

Thanks for replies I will probably jump to 16mg. I’m looking for the lowest dose for overall feeling well. My current script allows for 120mg a week. The the 16mg will equal 112mg a week. Is it normal to feel like crap though on dosage increases? Thanks for any insight most of my time was spent with the same protocol. Until I started researching and reading more forums.

Yes, for some. I can’t take a couple months for your body to acclimate to a new dose.

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Not in my experience when you are going up. Coming down (for me) is also fairly easy until I get below about 120mg/week (in an E3D protocol). Then it gets progressively more uncomfortable until I reach about 80mg. Then it becomes downright painful. You may be different.

I’d follow this advice. Good chance when you tried 50-60mg twice a week, you had higher peaks (when you felt good), but with too much fluctuation through the week. A dailies protocol will have more constant levels and thus lower peaks. This may mean you are not hitting enough of a peak to feel good. If you increase your dailies dose as @dextermorgan suggested for 8 weeks, you’ll likely feel much better with that steadily higher peak and without the noticeable fluctuations.

Any time you change dosage your body has to play catch up and there’s a period of time where you may not feel ideal. Some more than others and some longer than others.

Do 20mg a day. These 2mg a day changes or whatever might as well be rounding errors.

I did go ahead and try 20mg daily. So far it has been a week. I’m not sure what is happening. I’m beginning to think my body is very sensitive to testosterone. My blood pressure has increased to 140s/90s where usually was under 120/80 (this is with losartan)I have a constant uptight feeling (muscles feel tense all the time) , cold hands/feet, forget the libido , and my resting heart rate usually is in the 50s now I’m in the 80s. Any ideas? I’m not sure I can stick this out for 5 more weeks. Seems it is putting my neurotransmitters and adrenaline into overdrive.

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I just wanted to give a update I went from feeling just ok on TRT. I then bumped the dose up to 20mg a day and went through a pretty long period of feeling like crap and all sort of weird side effects. It took about 8 weeks of going through this and so far the last month all the bad effects went away and multiple things have improved…basically feeling better than ever. I just wanted to reinforce what many here say you need to give it 6-8 weeks on a Dosage adjustment. Odd it takes that long and of course I would have thought definitely I was headed down the wrong road with all the side effects I was having…but man I’m glad I stuck it out.


Blood pressure back to normal?

Glad to hear you feeling good.

I just increased to 140 a week divided in 2. I feel good anyway at 120 divided in 2. Just seeing what 140 does. Being am not changing frequency I feel fine.

When u changed to 140 were you already on dailies?