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Increase Chest Size

Hey guys, I want to increase my chest size, cuz is kinda flat now, i can see my biceps and my triceps and my back getting some size but, I havent seen much in the chest department, Im currently on my day 3 of MAG-10, im 6"2’ , 194 pounds, 21 years… Any idea for chest will be appreciated, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Answer two questions:

  1. What are you doing now for chest?

  2. Have you tried the chest programs on this site?

My required Bloussant for flat chests post.

hmm i`m doing flat press (10-8-6), incline press (10-8-6), and incline dumble (10-8-6)… no I havent tryed them, where can I find them?

Put some db or cable flys in at the end of your chest days after the compound movements to isolate the pecs.

this may help.


Do a search for them or look in the FAQ. What’s a dumble?

I would also like to know how to increase my chest size :slight_smile: Kidding!

What, do you have a big chest already Nikkiknockers? I’ve haven’t seen any pics so it remains a mystery for now…

Along with your dumble presses rock out 3-4 sets of nipplie twists and a few sets of mammie bounces to failure, of course.

Check out Chad Waterbury’s Six Weeks to a Bigger Chest article. Just plug it in the search engine. It gives you a program for increasing the size of your pecs using two cool exercises the slide push-up and the cable bench…

thanks for all the info guys, btw i`m waiting for 2 GROW!? MRP, hope i get something out of them :slight_smile:

how long have you been on the current routine you are on now? if your 10-8-6 routine isn’t giving you any more size, you should really be looking towards something that is quite different from this routine. furthermore, if you look at a lot of posts from others who have put up their routines, 10-8-6 are numbers most use for warming up. the worksets that follow after the third warmup set usually fall in the 1-5 range. having said that, how “intense” (i.e. % of 1RM) are you lifting at? perhaps low percentages at 10 or 8 reps, and maybe moderate percentages at 6, but how about looking for something near 80-90% or your 1RM that will allow you to lift only 2-3 reps?

some suggestions:

the general consensus backed by scientific research indicates the eccentric phase as leading towards greater hypertrophy (size) than the concentric phase. look for programs that allow you to emphasize this phase - or try Ian King’s 12 weeks to super strength. (i’m personally a fan of OVT)

flat, incline and decline? that’s it? how about dips, or flyes, or close grips and wide grips? add variety to your routine - you’ll stimulate the muscles in many more productive and effecient ways by changing angles.

be consistent - start a program, stick with it for 4-6 weeks, and move on (depending on the program). don’t expect great changes if your workouts come in spurts every second or third week.

good luck

Angelo,no hypertrophy program will work unless you eat properly. You have to carefully gain more weight (a few lbs each month). Try to reach at least 220 lbs in a year or so. On “Frequently asked questions” you can find many bulking diets and effective programs for chest, for example by Ian King and Dave Tate. Because the upper body dimension is given by chest and back, you have to train back properly as well. In previous issues you may find excellent whole body hypertrophy programs such as ABBH and OVT. Personally I’m having good results with ABBH1 mainly, at the moment, in the upper body. “Rome was not built in a day”: you are very young, slowly build your body year after year.

randman, it will have to remain a mystery :slight_smile:

nooooooooooo!!! :slight_smile: