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Increase Calories: C or P

I have read S2B and a hell lot of John Berardi articles. I wanted to add mass on my frame so first I calculated my calories for mass using the massive eating calculation which turned out to be around 4200 calories. Then according to Berardi I calculated my current calories which were 1200 calories(3 meals a day).

Then as he advised I stared following the 7 habits, I then had around 2700-2800 calories. Now this is where I’m getting confused he says if u r not gaining weight or to reach your calorie goal increase your cals by 250 carbs in the post and after workout drinks. Now he also says u must calculate 0.8g carbs and 0.4g protein per your weight in kg for the workout drinks. So if I add 250carbs where will this workout drink calculation fit in?

2- In his 5 steps on increasing your calories if u r not gaining weight he mostly says to increase the calories by 250 which is mostly carbs in the first 4 steps. I have increased my calories by 250carbs twice over 4 weeks, my current calories r around 3400. What’s confusing me is before increasing my cals when my I was around 2800 cals my macronutrient ratios were around 50C, 25P, 25F, now if i keep increasing my carbs as mentioned by Berardi I might end up with 70/75C, 15P. Do u think I should also increase my Protein, cauz I think I might get more fat than muscle?
By the way I’m a skinny fat guy with a BF of 14%.

Just start EATING.

Over-analyzing every detail about your diet is a tad bit excessive.

In this case though he has cause for concern, since I would guess he has completely misinterpreted something in the article. The fact that you’re already at 2:1 carbs to fat is disturbing. In a sane bulking program you might start off with 1:1 and increase it from there, but I wouldn’t touch 2:1 with a ten-foot pole.

wfifer & tigerrak02 thanx for your opinions…maybe i’m getting into too much detail, best to keep it simple, afterall it’s the results that counts.