Increase Calories at 15% BF?

Hey I’m 15% BF, 172lbs, 32.5’’ waist at 5’9. Been training seriously for about a year but my bodyweight has not changed. My lifts are progressing (some more than others) and I’m much stronger. Body looks better, more defined but weight has remained the same… I want to put on weight…

I did steadily increase my calories a bit over the past year and I’m at 3800 cals now and have not changed that for months. Should bump them up further (already at 15%bf)?? Looking into creatine too… Thanks.

BTW; I get over 200g protein. My back is wider, arms and shoulders bigger. I look ‘bigger’. Is it possible I’ve just lost fat + built muscle? Would creatine help at all? I’m hesitant to up calories. I want to look big but not fat.

Personally, 15% is too high for my liking. I would cut down considerably. That doesn’t mean a drastic change in calories, it could mean an increase in cardio and a slight decrease in calories for a larger net decrease. I am surprised by how much more satisfied I am with my appearance by being leaner and appearing bigger (than being bigger but softer).

How are you testing your body fat? Did you get it tested before you started training and then tested again now? Are you just guessing at it?

Do you have before and after pics from when you started and where you are now? That would help much more than any thing else.

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I don’t want to cut, I like where I’m at, I want to be on the bulkier side and want maximum strength gains. This is as far as I want to go BF% wise though, I don’t want to go above 15-16%.

What I’m asking is, is it necessary for me to bulk any further to build more muscle? I’m guessing the answer is no then? That’s really what I need to know. I was just confused as to why I’ve clearly gotten stronger, biceps/back etc have grown, yet bodyweight is the same it was a year ago. Maybe in time the scale will go up?

How do you know you are 15% BF?

Post pictures.

you are fat ! dont increase calorie