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Increase Bone Thickness With Training?


I was taking an anatomy class last summer and learned that though the bones stop growing in length after pueberty, they can still grow in thickness/density throughout adulthood. This made me think about an article I read about victor richards and how his wrists were measured at 12".

This is unhuman. Could he have built his bones up to be this size through a certain style of training? Are there any studies/evidence of specific training inducive to bone hypertrophy? Thanks for any answers...


I think MMA fighters (or any fighter for that matter) bones become calcified from hitting so many opjects effectively turning them bludgeons.

I think all bones respond to certian kinds of stress and adapt accordingly. Like major legue pitchers throwing arm is going to be stronger than his other (bone wise).

There is a tiny bit in this video that might answer some questions.


thanks, that vid was interesting.


Just a guess, but I figure lifting heavy will increase bone density. in addition to muscles, your skeletal structure bears much of the loading, especially in a stacked position. So they must grow and become stronger structures as the weight goes up. Heavy benchs and squats seem to fit that theory.

This is clearly speculation though.




Gotta love Ren and Stimpy


makes sense.


I find it difficult to believe anyone has 12 inch wrists.


I've got a book written by Lou Schuler and Ian King which says bone growth occurs with weight lfiting -
When bones are pulled by larger, stronger muscles and connective tissue, the bones themselves grow thicker and stronger. Here's how it happens: A strain is applied to a bone, pulling it in a new or more forceful way. The body responds by sending cells called osteoblasts to the area that was strained. The osteoblasts spackle the area with new collagen fibers. The collagen then mineralizes, forming new bone tissue.

They said squats and deadlifts were the best overall exercises to help with this.

I'm not sure they would help build 12 inch wrists though


Are there any articles relating to how to strengthen bones after a break/fracture?


There is NO way Victor Richards has 12 inch wrists,9-10 inches i can believe,but 12 inches is not human,it was either a typo or a ridiculous exageration,
weight training and high impact sports definitely increase ur bone density/mass but it wont be so noticible visually,but bodybuilders on steroids and growth hormone would definitely have a very noticible increase in wrist thickness because of the way these anabolic hormones have a direct effect on bone growth.


I have met Vic because he works out at my gym. His hands and wrists are big, but probably no more than 9 inches (which is huge!).


I'm pretty sure my wrist have gotten a little bigger since I started lifting. Muscle doesn't really develop at the smallest part. I have a watch which use to be a little loose on my wrist, now it doesn't fit. My wrist were rediculously small though, and they still are.


When I met Ronnie and Jay their hands were fucking HUGE!.

The only thing of my hand I could see was my thumb.

I have read somewhere that people who use alot of HGH have really thick fingers and if taken at an early age can cause the eyebrow ridges to grow huge (the bones under your eye brows I have no idea what they are called).

I honestly cant remember where I read that but it was pretty interesting.


Now that I think about it so have mine....wierd.


Resistance training DOES increase bone density, this has actually been proven and is not just a theory.


They're called the "supraorbital ridge", just thought I'd throw in that useless piece of information. :wink:


Just the bone healing accomplishes this you will never break that bone in that area again maybe above or below but not where the break was if you do then god help you cause that was a devastating injury.


That video is dangerous after watching the first minute I think I'm invincible.


Blaming GH for their big hands is ridiculous. I have big hands too. They seem even bigger now after lifting heavily for years but I still only wear a "large" sized glove in the clinic.

I would grant more to the possibility of them having larger muscles in their hand than the average person which would give them a more "meaty" look and make them thicker.

I have a friend who is a serious bodybuilder who weighs about 340lbs right now at 6'2" (yes, that fucking huge) and his hands are like catcher's gloves...no joke. He could literally play baseball with no gloves and I am sure the ball would suffer the greatest damage. But he's always had big hands, even when I first met him years ago when he was significantly smaller. The genes that allow someone to be able to lift the weight to get that damn huge would likely allow that person to have the appendages to meet the job as well.

You aren't exactly average if you can push past 300lbs in the off season especially if you are under 6'3".