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Increase Bat Speed

Does anybody have any good exercises that would help increase bat speed for the upcoming season?

I would say rotational trunk exercises, various triceps extensions, and plenty of squats, for you leg drive.

one arm snatches and rotational medicine ball work.

nothing like swinging the damn bat and perfecting the form. Additional exercises may help, assuming you’ve got a perfect swing.

Swinging the bat , either in the cage of even better with live pitching.

Thank guys for the tips. I’m looking more for exercises that I could do. I’ll be swinging the bat of coarse. Maybe Coach Davies could have some helpful tips??

Go to www.setpro.com

Your welcome!

This is what all the big boys use to gain power& bat speed.

Try tire strikes.

Bat speed is unquestionably the focus of work with a baseball players. Form can never be restricted with your strength training, therefore ensure enough BP & swing maintenance work. Within the Renegade training for 'ball players with spend tremendous time on rotational movement and core strength. Your training loads should recognize the importance of “speed-strength”. From an excercise perspective we utilize many mediums. With the dynamic flexibility hip mobility drills using hurdles and tumbling exercises are performed. Within strength work in addition to traditional weights, kettlebells & non-conforming objects such as sandbags are employed. Kettlebells are tremendous for this also because of the proprioreceptive demands. With kbell work, movements such as windmills, turkish get-ups and saxon’s are tremendous additions for any ball players. Traditional weights involve O-lifts and the hybrid movements with varying start to heighten reactive ability. Med ball training is instrumental with speed of motion the key. Naturally additional work with a bat should be done, but I would emphasize using a lighter bat rather that only using a heavier bat. This is a huge topic and it is impossible to cover in a forum but I hope that assists you. In faith, Coach Davies

Thanks for your input Coach. I’ve read alot that you should also swing with a lighter bat so your muscle fiber can adapt to the faster swing but not a wiffle bat, to light.