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Increase Barbell Row Strength

Might seem a bit odd of a goal but I want to increase my regular bent over Barbell Row strength from around 60 for sets of 12 easily to being able to do 5 with 100kg.
My current 5/3/1 split has me doing 5x10 with rows after Close grip bench.
Is this enough to increase my row strength or should I do a couple of Heavier sets first to help.
Any feedback is appreciated.

What I’m doing with 5/3/1 is 2 cycles with 5x10 then 2 with 5x8 and 5x5 on the last 2 cycles (6 cycles total). Try for small weight increases each week and don’t really change that when the reps go down, so you get a small break when moving to 8 and 5 reps.

Sorry for not responding sooner. I have doing something to what you mentioned of altering the rep ranges and can row 100 for 5+ easily now.