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Increase Arm Size WHILST Cutting?


Hi all,

I've got about 35Ibs of flab to get rid of, so bulking for me is completely out of the question. My arms lag behind the rest of me at 17.1" (my chest is 50") and I've narrowed this down to a shoulder injury that prevents me going very heavy on push work.

I'm considering modifying my training, which is 3x6 of:

Mo: Legs (Squats, D/L etc)
Tu: Cardio
We: Push (Standing OHP,
Th: Cardio
Fri: Pull.

As I'm cutting, I'm obviously not going to make any noticeable gains in overall lean muscle stock, so I settle for making strength gains every week - BUT, I am hoping to jolt my arms into growth, by reducing the intensity of the Leg + Pull work to bare maintenance - not going for strength gains, just go through the motions EXCEPT for arms, which will be a brutal day for them;

Mo: Legs
Tu: Cardio
We: Push/Pull
Th: Cardio
Fri: Arms.

Do you think arm growth is viable this way whilst cutting??




Your going to be smaller measurement wise (all around) the lower your body-fat all you can really hope for is to foster the illusion of size and mass by protecting the muscle underneath the fat.

17.1 fat isn't the same as lean, it has been discussed before in other posts and with examples like the v-diet people; once they lost body-fat they lost the fat off their arms as well, your measurements will change.

But the illusion once lean enough "can" say differently. I don't think anyone can really answer your question without being able to witness months of your cut training.

I expect others to state differing opinions soon enough.


You're pretty much asking if you can add muscle while cutting @ maintenance calories. You will fail most likely. Just continue to do what you're doing and lower carbs (add more good fats) and do the cardio like you outlined.

Maybe do a couple days nice and low carb (up good fats)and then on you're days of real heavy lifting or muscles you want to priortize you can go moderate/high.

I mean why halt all progress just make simple adjustments until you reach a comfortable bf. Not an actually cut which could put a halt to some muscle/strength you could gain.



As mentioned before, they'll look "bigger" because you'll lose fat on them, among other places.


Even guys who use steroids when cutting struggle can't gain mass,so unless you are a freak like kevin Levrone, don't worry about it.


Kevin didn't cut at all, he dieted up :wink:


I did, but it was mostly because I hadn;t done direct arm work in like 1.5 years.

Yeah, fucking brilliant of me.


lol that's what i meant damnit!


I think I'm gonna cry.


Sign number one that you logged onto a bodybuilding forum by mistake.


You could consider just adopting a completely different plan, rather than this one of just going through the motions for the entire rest of the body "since cutting anyway and therefore being unable to expect gains" (paraphrase) and hoping for a miracle on the arms.

For example, why not adapt yourself in this cutting phase to pretty high volume?

Then when you are cut you will have accomplished increased work capacity and recovery ability, and when you go to increase muscle and reduce volume to a more moderate but still sufficient level, your gains will likely be aided by your body having experienced this period of increasing its recovery ability.

Besides that it will aid the cut.

Or adapt yourself to much briefer than usual rest times.

Or identify some impeding weaknesses and work on them: for example maybe your good-mornings are terrible (just making something up, have no idea if it is true in your case) and getting really serious about them for this period could improve this.

Or accomplish SOMETHING.


Your plan is to just go through the motions 2 days a week, rest 2 days a week, and do cardio 2 days a week? This isn't the smartest way to organize a cutting program IMO especially because the only day you will be working out hard is when you are doing arms.




Question...would you really have to tell that to someone who truly had the drive to make large physical changes?

The guy who is going to surprise others with his progress is never the guy who "goes through the motions".

I know it's "PC" to pretend like everyone is worth the effort, but that just isn't reality.


Maybe fly fishing is really your thing, unless you cop a positive attitude and lift, eat clean and lift some more.

Forget about the fixation on the guns, but you can always add another set to the arms and gradually add more weight every week.



I agree almost completely, but have myself had moments -- only moments, but they existed -- of feeling "Well because of (whatever) I am not going to make gains anyway over this modest upcoming period of time anyway because of (whatever), so... " and then some lame-ass idea.

I haven't given in to it, but I've seen the evilness of the temptation that can exist at least for some.

It disguises itself as, though a mistaken idea, one that seems to make sense. Some sort of sense, when viewed from some myopic or just flat wrong perspective. But further thought shows that it doesn't. So I tried to provide the further thought that shows better sorts of ideas.


Shouldn't this question be asked at the time of user registration onto this site?


Bill, this thread ties in with my other about the RG Tricep pushdowns. My FIRST training priority is to get this gut down - everything and everyone else can get fucked. Now, I've been gaining strength every week since November, but I've only now nailed the diet. Gaining strength doesn't help you cut. My second priority is to get these twigs up to size - and believe me, I will do it.

My question is, can it be done DURING my cut? THAT is the question.