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Increase an Already Fast Metabolism

Im gonna kill myself.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
So you want a sixpack, but you…

Won’t weight train.
Won’t do cardio.
Have a poor diet.

I don’t even know where to start. Dude, supplements won’t make up for your lack of willpower or effort.


Yeah they will…take NO Explode and you get huuuugggee and hawt abz!

Seriously, OP, that’s like asking for a degree without every attending the university.

Stay Slim, Jim.

You’re the reason the rest of us push ourselves so hard. We don’t want to be up at 3:55 am typing some bullshit diatribe about how inept we are.

People hate you because you can’t gain weight? Umm, okay. My guess is they hate you because you’re spineless. Try working for something rather than searching for lightning in a bottle.

Stick with the garlic; I hear it’s effective as a vampire repellant.

[quote]pantsman27 wrote:

[My Proposals]
-garlic/fish oil
-last resort Flameout[/quote]

Do you know what Flameout is? It is fish oil, CLA and DHA.
Go with your last resort.

o shoot.
I was madd high when I wrote this wtf?
It could have been a lot shorter. Regardless…


If you want to get ripped, the fastestway to go is crystal meth.