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Incorprating Tabatas

Wed is my higher rep/ Endurance day. I was thinking about doing Tabata front squats or dumbbell thrusters as my leg exercise. Has anyone replaced their usual leg training with a tabata exercise?

Sure but do them first do them intense and then if you have anything left once you pull yourself away from the bucket (if done correct with intensity) then you may do some other thing.

But rest assured the work will have been done.

I think the biggest mistake I see with these is people dont give it their all. They hold back go balls out.


Do superset of thrusters and burpees. Devastating.

Thurster/burpee superset would be insane, but I prefer to burpees at home. I may do the thruster as this would work both legs and shoulders at the sametime.

I have done Tabata front squats. Holy crap! By the fourth set, that is one long 20 seconds and a very short 10 seconds.