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Incorporating Yoga?


Thinking of incorporating some yoga poses to improve my flexibility mostly.

Im already doing a lot of moves from Magnificent Mobility but i was thinking of trying some yoga moves, and where alot of them involve lumbar flexion, id want to stay away from that, mostly for the fact that it's more important to have stability for the lumbar spine, mostly if your an athlete and are going to be lifting, however i notice my hips aren't too great, even with mobility drills, i struggle to do the usual poses you see with getting one foot over the other with your feet crossed when sitting.

Is there any moves you guys could recommend to me, or even a book, which will improve on my tightness and flexibility but keeping in mind not having increased mobility at the lumbar region?

Thanks guys.


I highly recommend it. Twice a week. I'm 45, and it keeps me from crawling out of bed and hearing every thing snap.

Find a place where the "teacher" is flexible (pun intended). There are certain move I can't or won't do. Let the teacher know, and they will find a substitute.


Some Yoga studios offer a 'Yoga for Athletes'. Less emphasis on meditation, more on stretching, especially the hips and shoulders.


Go for it, just don't let anyone see you do it hahahaha

Edit: who is that in your avatar picture tang??


Yoga is good, besides improving your flexibility is a pussy fest.

I'm sure some difficult positions will become more rewarding when you will be able to see all camel toes around you if you stretch it right


Any recommended yoga poses i could practice to start off with?


Morning salutation.


Yay for camel toes!



Two biggest bangs for your buck.... Downward Dog and Triangle pose.


Bikram/hot yoga once a week


how about checking out mobilitywod.com

mobilizations might be more useful than yoga poses.


Dan John speaks highly of taking Bikram Yoga classes:

Big Zach Gallman had a whole article about some basic yoga moves:

It's not technically yoga, but Mike Boyle wrote about the "Essential 8 Mobility Drills" that pretty much cover the whole body:


I'm in on the camel toes...lol,but I do yoga also,I'm 42 and it helps all around.