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Incorporating Weights Into My Regime


It's quite busy, but recently i've been wanting to start some strength traninig. Up till now ive just been using bodyweight exercises, so i'm completely new to freeweights.

Here's what my routine looks like on most weeks:

Mon/Wed/Fri - AM
BW exercises mostly chins, pulls, dips and inverted rows usually for a total of 15 sets in a circuit and then cardio using a versaclimber

Tue/Thur - Am
hill sprints

Mon-Fri - PM
Muay thai either classes or an hour on the heavy bag and conditioning (mostly jump rope)

Then I rest on the weekends .

How could I add weight training into this?

I'm thinking of adding a 5x5 dumbell routine in place of most of the calisthenics (would this work well?) I'm not aiming to become bigger, just stronger.



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You could substitute two of the calisthenic workouts for strength training...say lift on Mon and Fri....but still keep bodyweight stuff on Wed. Keep in mind all the other stuff that you are doing....especially with the hill sprints.

Your Muay Thai classes are on Mon and Fri,correct?



I posted a reasonable answer before then edited but I just can't understand whey people have that staple in their head that gaining strength won't lead to mass gains. Just me. Anyone with 2 hardcore years of training would know.


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My muay thai classes are usually monday, wed and fri and heavy bag work tue and thur. I think you're right about substituting the bodyweight exercises.
But was thinking of:

Workout A Workout B
Db Front Squat 5x5 Db Front Squat 5x5
Db Bench Press 5x5 Db Overhead Press 5x5
Dumbbell Snatch 5x5 1 Leg Db Deadlift 5x5
weighted Pull-ups/Chin-ups 3xF weighted Dips 3xF

Three times a week and for now just attending class three times per week too with one day full rest. Sucks that I can't do everything, but this would probably get me results since faster since i'm looking for strength gains, well that's what i'm aiming for lol. Thanks for the input.


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Or twice per week would probably be better, you're right. Should allow more time for recovery.


I wasn't taking a dig at anyone when I said that, this is the combat sport section after all. I'm sure most here who do actually train in a sport quite seriously have no need or desire for excess mass.


fine. it has been fixed..

I mean, you've got to face it, you're not going to see any significant increases in strength just from doing BW exercises. you're going to have to include weights somewhere.

i also think you should include more than just four movements involving weights


Yah you're right. BW movements worked for a while but now any gains I got have completely come to a stand still. So I think it's time to add some real weight training in their somewhere.

Although I'll have to stick to the most effective compound movements. So I dunno it's probably best to completely cut back on cardio and do the starting strength routine. Anyway thanks for the reply.


Bigger will eventually occur if stronger is to happen.
If you don't want to gain too muvh weight while getting stronger your diet is the key.

I remember there was some guy around this forum about a month back who weighed something like 170lbs but had a 315b squat, 250-ish bench and could do a good number of weighted chins with a 45lb plate


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Bigger is a result of hypertrophy, Stronger is a result of muscle density (NOT SIZE BUDDY) and your nervous system telling your muscle to fire and your tendon to actuate. As far as diet is concerned, it again is not related at all to putting on weight, if your workouts typically burn 3000 calories, and your daily calorie need is 2500 calories, then your overall calorie need to stay the same weight is 5500 calories, hence why a triathlon guy/gal can eat 5000 calories and look like a broomstick.

To answer the original topic question, Stick with your big lifts (deadlifts, flat bench, powercleans, bentover rows, squats), and you had the 5 x 5 rep range right, if you want to change it at all do 10 sets of 3, but don't go any lower and try to keep the weight within a means that you yourself can use.