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Incorporating Strongman into Athletic Development

My new facility, Catalyst Athletics, is finally opening after I was forced out of my job to go to Worlds Strongest Man. I am having a free seminar January 29th on incorporating strongman movements into training for high school athletes.

Thats the facebook event page. If you know any parents, athletes or coaches in Central PA let them know.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is local to Central PA to take their training to the next level…

(Tom Mutaffis - ASC Pro Strongman)

Congrats to you! I don’t live out there but if I did that would be the gym to go to. I wish you good luck and hope it goes well, from the pictures I’ve seen it looks awesome.

Glad to hear more people capitalizing on strongman movements!

Congrats on the Arnold win.

Congrats on winning the Arnold. We all expect you to win this year’s WSM, too! Stay healthy!