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Incorporating Sports into a W/O Routine

I need some guidance for setting up a better routine.

Goals: Become a stronger/faster/agile ice hockey player while improving body composition and strength.

Scheduled Events: I play one hockey game on either Tuesday or Thursday night, and during the winter months another game on Saturday night. I also have practices on Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Due to this I usually do 2 or 3 gym workouts per week.
Monday Morning: Back/Biceps/Forearms
Tuesday Morning: Chest/Triceps/Abs
Thursday Morning: Legs

I usually end up skipping the leg workout on Thursday because my legs end up too sore to play hockey. If I have a game on Thursday or Saturday I would definitely skip the leg workout.

I don’t do any additional cardio besides hockey.

I need suggestions about how to incorporate good workouts into a schedule like mine, without effecting performance in my hockey games. I’d like to add some GPP to increase fitness level and agility, but I am not sure how to add it without overtraining.

Regarding improving body composition, I am tall (6’4’’) and I look skinny but I still have a high BF% (+/- 20). I weigh around 190 lbs. I am pretty weak considering I have been lifting for 2 years.

My diet is pretty good (except for the occasional binge), I eat a lot (+/-4000 cals per day) because of all the hockey but I never gain weight. I want to eat more but I know I shouldn’t because I still have a high BF%.

Thanks guys, I look forward to your input.

This is a great question and I hope this turns into a top thread. I’d like to think T-Nation is about more than just looking good. As a big fan of Coach Davies, I want to be a killer on the field and look good doing it.

Anyway, about the questions, I go through a similar thing. I play soceer and the practice sessions can drain the energy and affect my leg training regime.

I’m still experimenting (aren’t we all) but I find key for me is several, short intense workouts per day coupled with very close attention to pre- and post- workout nutrition.
I find 45 minutes of speed work or weight training is just about right to get warmed up, have some good sets, then stretch. I’ll do sprints and maybe some stadium steps in the morning, followed by good stretching.
In the evenings I’ll do weights, but on my cleans or squats, I’ll do sets of 3-5 reps going for bar speed, rather than trying to set any PRs.
Again, nutrition is key. I’m in love with Surge. Keep it ready for right after any practice, workout and even the games.
Lots of whole food and anti-oxidants completes the picture.

During the session I have my athlete?s weight train 2 times per week focusing on strength and speed. The goal during the session is maintenance (although they still increase the said motor qualities). For conditioning I have them do one low quantity but high quality conditioning day were they mostly utilize 400-600m sprints. Were I place the days depends on the player and team schedule.

Example in session template:
Day 1: strength and hypertrophy
Day 2: strength-speed and speed-strength
Day 3: conditioning day

Don?t forget to eat a lot of food, sleep as much as you can and be happy (limit stress).

Looking at your schedule it is somewhat of an “in-season” training question and really to answer that you first need to address your off-season training protocols. If you give more info on off-season work that will be helpful.

It would also appear from your question that you use more of bodybuilding-style split which is completely counter-productive to your stated athletic goals.

As far as GPP is considered, besides being one of those most mis-used terms you see now in training circles - you are in-season and thus need to address SPP. What additional work you do should be focused on regeneration to make sure you’re fresh for games/practice.

In faith,

Coach Davies

Thanks for the initial feedback guys. It is great to have some qualified people give me responses to these questions.

Regarding the In-Season and Off-Season questions:
I don’t really have an off season. The only difference throughout the year, is that I play in one league during the summer months (one game per week), and two leagues during the winter months (two games per week). I love playing hockey too much to take time away from it completely. How would this affect my training?

Regarding the bodybuilding style of workouts:
I guess I do this because I consider myself a hockey player that also has a part-time hobby in bodybuilding. This is probably counter-productive. Also, I don’t carry around much muscle mass so I want to gain muscle (and lose fat), so that is another reason why I do it. Obviously hockey should be my top priority, so I think I need to make some adjustments to my training style.

Any additional help you guys can give would be appreciated. Thanks.