Incorporating Speed/Skill Work Offseason?

Hello again all. Wanted advice on the best way to incorporate speed training and sports specific skills (lacrosse) into my offseason program. I was thinking only 1-2 times a week due to the fact that I’m not really in season right now. I’m not currently doing my training the way I’m about to lay out, but I am considering switching to it depending on the advice I get here. Here it is:

Sunday: OFF

Monday: ME UPPER
Bench Press Variation: 3-5RM
DB Bench Variation: 3x8-12
Horizontal Pull ss Rear Delts: 4x8-12 each
Carry Variation: 4x50yds
Biceps: 3-4x8-12

Tuesday: DE LOWER
Jump Variation: 5-8x1-3
Lunge/Split Squat Variation: 2-3x8-12
Posterior Chain: 3-4x8-12
Abs: 3 sets

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: RE UPPER
Pushup Variation: 3xMax Reps
Vertical Pull ss Rear Delts: 4x8-12 each
Medial Delts: 4x8-12
Biceps ss Triceps: 3x8-12 each

Friday: ME LOWER
Squat/Deadlift Variation: 3-5RM
Sled Drag Variation: 3x20yds
Posterior Chain: 3x8-12
Abs: 3 sets

Saturday: OFF

So how would you incorporate speed, conditioning, and sports skills in this set up. Maybe on 1 or 2 of the off days. Or just speed before the lower body days, and sports skills on off days? I’m basically doing this template right now, but I’ve substituted the DE Lower day with a speed day on its own, a LITTLE BIT of speed work on ME Lower Day, low intensity tempo runs on upper body days, and doing skill work on Sunday. Should I just continue this? Or try to add that second leg day in? Just looking for some opinions here, not totally sure I wanna switch to this template yet. Just lemme know what you think. Thanks

If like the ws4sb setup and working well then google version 3 on his website. Otherwise good ideas here /try either of this…

or if really want to crank it up, this…

Thanks for the suggestions, but that’s not really what I was asking.

I would add some speed work on Sunday, and possibly a small session after Thursday’s upper session (a bunch of hill sprints or something). This will still leave you with 2 whole days a week for recovery.