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Incorporating RPT into 5/3/1


Hey Jim,

Been on 5/3/1 for around 2.5 months and I am loving it. I am curious, what are your thoughts on RPT with 5/3/1, that is, warming up into the PR set, and then ramping down with the last two sets. I feel that you'd be able achieve more with the PR set while fresh, along with getting in slightly more volume which is always nice. Is this a viable option or would I not be doing the program by doing it this way? Let me know.



What is RPT?


Reverse pyramid training. It’s a whole program on its own, but the main philosophy behind it is starting heavy and lowering the weight with sequential sets. Basically, do you think it’s viable to do my heaviest set first, followed by second heaviest, then lightest?

Example on the 5s wave, I would do warm up, 85%x5+, 75%x5, then 65%x5.


Just do the 5/3/1 pyramid (it’s in the Beyond 5/3/1 book).