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Incorporating Reverse Pyramid Training


Hi Christian,

Thanks for your time and sharing the incredible HP mass program. I've never increased strength this quickly before and maintaining abs despite eating approx. 5k calories a day (5'5, 145 lbs).

Could I have your thoughts on including inverted/reverse pyramid loading for the presses? I really enjoy this style of training and its very similar to the routine I've followed under Phil Hernon's coaching.

I.e: Overhead press (triple wave loading week)

Work up to MTW, -10, +5, +5, -10, +5, +5, -10 (per your program outline)
Then do MTW x AMRAP (near failure but not to failure)
-10 lbs => Aim to reach number of reps from prior set + 1-2
-10 => Repeat
-10 => Repeat

I imagine this should be done only for the final exercise of the day to control volume but wanted to see if you had any experience with this kind of training.

Thanks much.


not too different from a max reps circuit but if you do that on your shoulder movement then how do you think you'll go with your incline and bench movement?

i don't see how it will add to the program myself though


Yeh it seems like you'd be trying to achieve the same goal as a circuit, apart from the circuit was chosen as a way to lessen the impact on the CNS compared to drops sets like you have put