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Incorporating Power Clean + Push Press


I've been following the standard layer split for the past month or so with good success. Was thinking about switching over to the 10 day mini cycle or continuing with the current split while incorporating the power clean/push press into the equation.

This lift does seem to include a large portion of the body, and to me, seems to hit the shoulders fairly hard. So the question is, where would one incorporate this lift in terms of a split. The bench (pressing) days hit the shoulders hard, and the SGHP days seems to do the same to a certain extent. I know Thib's has said these three movements (bench, SGHP, power clean/push press) are the top three lifts he would include as the base lifts for the power look. Curious as to what a split would look like for these lifts.


I was wondering the same thing.

I looked through a lot of splits in this forum, and what I can piece together is pretty much:

Press (incline, decline, flat, military)
Legs (squat, deadlift, deadsquat)

The press and legs days can be swapped. Insert rest days as needed.

So… I would think for the press day, you could just cycle: decline, incline, power clean & push press, and then repeat.

Am I on the right track?


Is that the right way to program the Power Clean & Push Press? To rotate it in for one of the Press days?


Exactly what I’m wondering myself. I would like to do a bench, SGHP, Power clean rotation with an occasional lats/bi’s day thrown in. My legs are probably my strongest bodypart and I would think between the high pull and power clean, the legs are incorporated quite a bit. May throw in squats and/or deads on power clean day. At least, that’s where I’m leaning.


I personally use Power Cleans as part of a complex after my main layers.


[quote]Christian Thibaudeau wrote:

[quote]Sawinwright wrote:
Does this go in place of a press day? So Clean Push Press, Snatch High Pull, Bench, Snatch High Pull?[/quote]

Although it involves all the muscles in the body, I put it in the press category[/quote]



power clean and push press works well on a press day because its USUALLY the push press that’s the limiting factor, meaning you arent loading up your power clean with max weight, just the press.

on the split you posted above, i would make it your second press day, just IMO