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Incorporating Power Clean Into Routine


Mr. Ct,
I was hoping you could please give me some incite into incorporating the Power clean into my routine. My 1rep max is follows: Deadlift 460, Squat 345, Overhead press 175, Bench press 240

My routine is as follows: Monday-Pull(deadlift, kroc rows, pull-ups and Barbell rows)Tuesday-Push Vertical(Over head press) Wednesday- Rest Thursday-Squat(back and front squat) Friday-Push horizontal(bench press)
To give you a little info about me, I'm a 21 year old Farm boy, so i do my workouts in addition to my intensive manual labor job. The reason I want to perfom the power clean is to develop more explosive power and was wondering what day I should put them in or should they have a day of ther own? Your advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you so much for your time.


Instead of overhead pressing just clean the bar into position and perform push-presses from there.


Power Cleans work the posterior chain mainly; i would drop one of your rows (BB or Kroc) and do them instead.. power cleans also work the shoulders, so maybe you should switch you vertical and horizontal pressing days over to alleviate too much crossover.

hope that helps.

Alternatively, you could keep your split as it is and work the power cleans on squat day -depends how fatigued you get etc.

if you really want to focus explosiveness, you could reduce your current split down to 3 days (push, pull, legs) and add a fourth day for olympic lifts (including the power clean) -basically combine your pressing days into one day, focusing on bench press, and add push presses /muscle snatches / clean and press to your olympic lift day for shoulder stimulation.


I like that idea not to mention if you add enough OL you will get some back stimulation from that... At least CT says you will, and I wont argue with him LOL...


mate, do snatch grip high pulls for a few weeks and tell me that your back isnt thicker... i dare you! lol


I plan on it, I know my back is going to blow up LOL but i'm at a bitch gym right now and they will kick me out for doing that...


Power cleans can be added either as part of the press (clean it then press it) or before deadlifts (they will actually amp up the nervous system and help with the deadlift). You can actually use both strategies since more practice means faster learning.


I do power cleans on leg day after squat and on pull day after deadlift, but now I'm going to do them before deadlift. Lately i added olympic lifts in to my routine and i got good results.


I've always done cleans before I squat, but recently due to the article, I started doing high pulls before deads on that day. My program looks similar to yours 531, 4 days a week. This seems to work fine, had to adjust workload accordingly. This past week I started dropping deads every other week, to only focus on high pulls. I enjoy this, goodluck.


Thank you all for the great advice! I'm definitely going to snatch grip high pulls.


I also read about one called "sumo grip high pulls" IDK if CT would recommend them but that combined with Snatch grip would be great for explosiveness and build a back that you could rent out as a poker table! LOL


Sumo high pulls are a common exercise in Crossfit circles. The movement has some merit BUT it is almost never done as a true high pull: rather it is done as a "cheated upright row"... the sumo stance and very narrow grip (inside shoulder width) favors the use of arm pull and a deacrease in explosive leg and hips action. Honestly I do not see any benefit in doing over regular high pulls in a mass/strength-building routine.


I was wondering if I'd be able to get full hip extension on them... what you said was exactly what I figured the downfall would be...