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Incorporating Olympic Lifts


Hey Fellas

I am designing a program for my self - 4 day split.

Day 1:

Cleans (from hanging position)
DeadLift (variations)
Chins - Lat Pull - Vertical Pull
Leg Curl - Knee Felxion
horizontal Pull - Row Variations

Bicep Isolation - Curl variation (lean towards hammer and reverse curls)
Trap Isolation ( shrugs - i like farmers walks)
Rear Delt Isolation

Day 2:

Clean and Press (full motion taking weight from floor)
Squats ( variations )
Horizintal Push variation ( barbell)
Unilateral movement ( step ups mostly to work on firing glutes but lunges and split squats occasionally)
Vertical Push ( military press, shoulde press variations)

Tricep Extension Variations
Chest Isolations / Second Horizontal Push
Lateral Raise variations

Day 3 and 4

FOLLOW same Guidelines with slight variation for example if monday i do day 2 nd friday i do day 2 again, monday would include back squats, friday front squats, monday flat barbell bench and a chest flye, friday incline barbell bench and decline dumbell bench. However i wont change excercises weekly i'll follow the same excercise for a good 3 - 4 weeks.

MY BIG QUESTIONS - Can I incorperate these cleans and any toher olympic lifts in my program becaus ei reallly like them and they help me build my shoulder and traps.

  • would you put the pushes and pulls together or keep it like i have it

  • shold i take the days in between training completely off - i tend to like to do some light cardio - core stabiltiy and mobility stuff on off days taking only saturday completely off ...

  • lastly any other tweaking is much appreciated thanks!

--- for reference i am 5'10 200 lbs at the moment
squat is at about 275 for 4 -6 reps my max was around 450 as 450 but i needed to cut down to fix my form and learn to uses my glutes more because of anterior hip pain. my deadlift is 405, bench in the 285 - 300 range. I am at about 14 percent body fat at age 22

I feel my body responds best when i keep all lift including isolated single joint excercises to a 6 - 8 rep range maybe even 3 - 5 but i want size gians with the strength -

I am a Former Fat Boy my diet is solid i am using precision nutrition approach leaning away from carbs other than veggies and a little fruit only only taking Surge during workout and a single serving starchy carb in my meal directly following a workout - i am supplementing with fish oil, L-Luecine at 3 meals a day


looks good man

i love the olypic lifts too

but if you want a bodybuilding look, youre gonna have to do some reshaping after this

this will get you big and strong! no doubt

but you’ll look like the brick guy fom fantastic 4

so, i’d do this for 12 weks then try the super hero workout on this site to get get contouring


This is similar to what I do, combine o-lits with basic compounds for bang for your buck workouts. Here’s mine, I don’t always follow it exactly, but it’s a guideline:

Warmup on heavy bag, jumping jacks, b.w. squats, jump rope, barbell complex, (not in this order, I pick and choose warmups), then:

C&J 5-7x 1-4 %varies
Back squat w.u. then 5/3/1 routine
Supported Row 3-4x5-15
OHS or snatch balance 3-4x whatever (lightish, technique focus)


Snatch 5-7x1-4 %varies
Bench w.u. then 5/3/1 routine
RDL (light, focus on glute/hams) 3-4x5-15
Vertical press variant 50-60% 3-4x10ish
Core/Ab 3-4x whatever


C&J 5-7x1-4 %varies
Front Squat w.u. then 5/3/1 routine
Chin 3-4x 8-15
OHS or snatch balance 3-4x whatever (lightish, technique focus)


Snatch 5-7x1-4 %varies
Push Press w.u. then 5/3/1 routine
G.M. (light, focus on glute/hams) 3-4x5-15
Horizontal press variant 50-60% 3-4x10ish
Core/Ab 3-4x whatever


Rotate back to first day

Cardio (running) on some days off.


Sets? Reps?

Most of your big questions can’t be answered if you don’t give these, because extra cleans/putting the pushes and pulls together/extra work on the off days could end up overworking you depending on the sets and reps your using.


these sound very similar to what i like to do. i love doing a few months of olympic lifts to put on a lot of size, then do some cycles of CT programs to get the definition. like schaffer said, kind of hard to tell without your set-rep scheme. typically for these big lifts, i keep them low, especially for deads and cleans, like 3x3-5.


hey sorry it’s taken me a while to respond

I keep the compund lifts to 3 sets of 6-8, the clean i’ll do 3 pr 4 sets in more of the 3 - 5 range

then i’ll do 2 sets of the iso stuff getting 8 reps

work out like this

clean 4 sets 3 -5
4 compound lifts 3 sets 6 -8
3 isolation lifts 2 sets of 8