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Incorporating Olympic Lifts into Strongman Training?

Could anyone shed some light on how to incorporate some Olympic lifting into a solid strongman program and what a sample training week would look like ? I really enjoy doing one event each training day 3-4 times a week after my main lifts versus having an event only day.

Is the goal of the training to use Olympic lifts to be a better strongman, or to use strongman to be a better Olympic lifter?

There is a program on Elitefts called “A Standard Template for the Strongman Competitor”, it features olympic lifting. It has a special event day though. I have no experience with the program.
In general if you want to incorporate some olympic lifts into your routine, why don’t you do so? I think they are best placed on lower body days before your heavy static strength work. In that case I would personally go for speed and technique, not for maximal weight.

I don’t compete in either one but use the two for military fitness because I’ve found solid carry over with both to on the job challenges. I have not really done both together though, more just cycled between the two every few months with some running mixed in. Now I’m trying to combine the two and figure out how to make a solid program.

I’ve looked through that program before and like it, I just want a little more than one Olympic lift a week. I could probably substitute more olympic lifting in somewhere though you think?

Your goal here is so nebulous that you could really just do whatever you wanted to and be fine, like @Koestrizer was saying.

If I were in your situation, I’d follow a weightlifting routine and just do a strongman event at the end of each day and call it good. Cycle between log/axle, carry medley, stone load/over bar, yoke, and vehicle pull/arm over arm and you should have a pretty good foundation.

That sounds like a good plan man. Sorry for being so vague, but you still managed to give me the exact answer I was looking for haha. Would you recommend rotating time, max reps, and max loads for the events?

Nothing to be sorry about dude; the nice thing about having nebulous goals is that it makes it harder to train “wrong” for them, haha.

I’d avoid max weights if the goal is to develop strength. You run into the realm of testing vs training. Rotate a variety of rep ranges and try to beat the clock on the moving events.

Hahah very true. That makes a lot of sense, first time I’ve heard it put that way, training vs. testing. As for
pairing the events with main lifts, what do you think goes the best together? Yoke and squat, and farmers and deadlift seem to make sense and then maybe having a push and a pull day and putting log and axel events on the push day and rope pulls on pull days? Still not sure where to put stones, maybe cycle with yoke on squat days?

When I add Olympic lifting to that, the program will be set up differently, but just trying to get an idea of what events and main lifts go best together.

That’s the thing with this; I think your best bet is to find a program for Olympic lifting first and then go from there. I honestly don’t know enough about how that sport trains to be able to say how to structure it, but I know that getting weight from the floor to overhead is pretty important, so I think you could pretty much do any event on any day and be fine.

Axle/log?-That’s getting a weight from the floor to overhead. Should be good on any day.
Stones?-That’s getting a weight off the floor. Should be good any day.
Yoke/Farmers?-That’s keeping your core tight and moving feet fast. Should be good any day.
Truck pull?-If you’re wearing the harness, it’s just getting the legs moving. If you’re arm over arm, it’s getting the back moving. Should be good on any day.

I assume weightlifting tends to be more full body than bodypart split.

All makes sense. Thanks for your help man, I’ll start seeing what oly program looks best and start playing around with which event feels best on which day.

Overtrained a concern so many strongman events posterior chain, and legs.