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Incorporating Oly Movements


Currently im on a linear progression based program which looks like this

Workout 1
Bench Press
Bent Over Row
Overhead Tricep Extension
Standing Calf Raise

Workout 2
Overhead Press
Pull Up
Hanging Leg Raise
Barbell Curl

Alternate Workout 1 and 2 on
alternate days

*last two movements are done for 1 set while the others are done for 3 sets

So my question is this I want to swap the isolation movements with clean and jerk on workout 1 and snatch on Workout 2...is this possible?Im practicing my form with just the bar for about 14 days now so im getting a good grasp on form...thanks for any response


1) I would actually do clean & jerk with workout 2 and snatch with workout 1. I do not like the program but since your question is if it is possible to add the olympic lift to it, then yes. But do it at the beginning. If you do olympic lifts on pumped muscles you will have a hard time with your technique due to reduced mobility.

2) Do not assume that you have a good sense of the movements because you have been doing the empty bar for 14 days. Without proper coaching it is quite possible that you are not doing the movements correctly.


Thank you coach, if you have any suggestions to improve the program please say so...ill be grateful to say the least...and really the 14 day stuff is really funny when i read it again...but im trying my best...thanks again


Well I actually just started the layers myself, and of course I need to include Olympic lifting in any program I do to some degree (since it's my background). CT made a detailed post here: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_thibaudeau/olympic_liftscomplexes_and_layer_system

I decided that this was the best set-up for me because 1) it included the Oly lifts, 2) it also had a fat loss/metabolic conditioning component, which for me is a huge benefit right now as I have to make sure to keep my conditioning up for my career.

I can tell you I did the The Bear complex with only 115 lbs (4-7 reps) and it absolutely destroyed me.

I'm still figuring out the proper layer set-up when one's goal is metabolic conditioning, but I felt the example that CT gave in that link was adequate. I'm also still trying to figure out proper a bench press with incline tilt set-up, as it didn't feel right. I'm thinking of using a 45 lb bumper plate next week instead of a 25 lb plate, like I used today.


would layering be good for linear progression?I think theres a better way....any good linear progression programs anyone...thanks again