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Incorporating Hang High Pulls


i am an experienced body builder who never did olympic lifts and who would like to introduce them in his routine to experience the real training.
I introduced conventional deadlifts less than 2 months ago (i was thinking for years to have an inguinal hernia but it was not true and an eco confirmed it..i only revelead to have some myofascial problems and some scarey tissue on the abs due to an old tear) so i am still a bit light on deadlifts but improving week by week.
i trained 3 times a week in my last mesocycles, and i used this sequence: monday, thursday,friday
with this routine


a) conventional deadlifts 5x5x1 2'
b1) seated barbell press 2x6-8 2'
b2) pull ups 2x6-8 2'

c1) standing dumbells row (oblique movement) 1x8-10 1'30''
c2) chin ups 1x8-10

d1) dips for triceps 2x6-8 2'
d2) ez curls 2x6-8 2'

e) horizontal calf press 6x15 1'
f) seated calf press 1x100
g) standing toe ups 3x15 45''
h) woodchoppers 3x15 1'
i) side bridge 2x15 1'


a) conventional deadlifts 5x5x1 2'
b) coxofemoral back estensions 2x12 1'30''
c) romanian dumbells deadlifts 1x8 2'
d) leg press 3x12-8 2'
e) bulgarian squats 2x10 2'
f) leg extension with band 1x12 1'30''
g) abductor machine 1x12 1'30''
h) seated calf 3x25 30''
i) calf 45? press 3x15 1'
l) standing toe ups 3x15 45''


a1) bench press 2x6-8 2'
a2) inverted row 2x8 3.0.x.2 2'
b1) incline dumbell press 2x6-8 2'
b2) vertical row 2x6-8 2'
c1) push ups 1x 14 1'
c2) bentover flyes 1x8
d) l-fyes 3x8 1'
e) Y-T-W-L circuit 2x 40-64

so now i would like to modify this program to introduce in monday workout, the hang high pull, that would be a prelude to a power clean in the next future and first to a hang clean

also i want to introduce front squat (a new excercise for me in legs day)...

my question is if some of you, experienced with OL could help me to introduce this new lift in this program



i add some pics of me before i used deadlifts


front now




I dunno, but some higher power is definitely needed to explain the notation. Could someone please enlighten me?



Raise from the dead, the ultimate deadlift!



Not claiming divinity but I think its tempo and time between sets...perhaps...maybe...dunno.


Christ thats funny


for example :

2x6-8 2'

means 2 sets of 6-8 reps with a 3010 tempo and rest interval 2 minutes..