Incorporating Gymnastics/Isometrics into Training?

Hi CT/anyone,

How would go about incorporating gymnastics/isometrics into weight training?

I’ve read that 2 sec of isometric hold is about equal in volume to 1 rep of a barbell exercise.

Example: 2 sec of holding front lever = 1 rep of horizontal rowing barbell exercise

Asking because I exercise for athletics but also have simple goals of holding a planche and front lever. For the past 2-3 months I stopped all barbell exercises besides squats and deadlifts and did calisthenics 3-4 days/week…lots of headstand pushups, planche progression holds, front lever progression holds, pullups, bodyweight rows on rings, pushup variations.

But I think I’d like to do more barbell training. Fat loss is primary goal right now and I was thinking of returning to layer style training with dips/pullups and loaded carries every training day. Just not sure how to incorporate exercises for my gymnastics goals.

Thank you!!

LoL i promise that’s not a separate account i’m posting from ct.

but people do seem interested in this (gymnastic/rings makes you feel athletic).

I did straddle front and back lever holds for 2-3 sets as my warmup (including dynamic movements like ice cream makers and inverted hang/lever pullouts). Sometimes I do tucked planche and maltese holds on rings and handstand pushups from wall. Then I do the layers workout. And finish with 25-50 chins/dips on rings.

Basically what you asked for minus the loaded carries.

My personal experience is as you get heavier and if size is the goal, those static holds are a bit to “intense” to be used as warmups. Sometimes I felt activated and would crush the layers workout after doing them. But often they used up quite a bit of CNS “juice” and I wouldn’t feel as explosive/violent on the actual barbell portion of workout.

Depending on nutrition, you can also lose the “pump”. Doing intense static holds then barbell pressing, for me at least, often resulted in a diminished pump, almost like muscle wasn’t responding to the ramp.

Reading your goal as for fat loss, I could see this being not as big a concern. But then your recovery might be hit from any caloric deficit.

Maybe my recovery is off or I can approach this better (CT recommendation?) but here’s two cents coming from someone big into gymnastics and lifting…

Thanks for your advice. I weigh 210, so the gymnastics is definitely more of a workout than a warmup. What I have resolved to do is this 4 day split: Power clean/push press/front squat/deadlift

Organized like this


And then instead of the 25-50 Chins and dips at the end, a circuit of

L-sit for as long as possible
Planche for as long as possible
Front lever for as long as possible
Handstand push-ups 1 rep short of failure
Pull-up 1 rep short of failure

Repeat circuit until I hit >25 pull-ups

This way I still get a bit of gymnastics training.

That’s interesting to do the static holds after the main barbell work. Typically you hear advice of doing more CNS intensive work → less intensive and complex gymnastic movement would be up there. I’ve done the holds at the end of each workout as well and it was good. I might try that out again thanks

That seems like a fine finisher Seinix.
Just make sure your abs don’t fall of and you don’t overwork the lats/upper body pull with the front lever and pull ups.

Do you use rings, paralettes, bar or something else?
If you trained already a few workouts with this system, what is your experience?
On what days did you use this?
What barbell lifts do you use for the ramps?
Do you do the gymnastic work after or instead of the carries?

Damn, thats alot of questions, and I haven’t asked them all!
Can you please tell more about your training and experiences?