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Incorporating Fasting with Morning Workouts


Question: For those of us who either prefer to work out in the morning or have no choice but to do so, what would be the best way to work in a fasting period? Obviously the Warrior Diet isn't going to fit. Would it work to do a large, post-workout breakfast followed by a 10-12 hour fast and then dinner? Thank you.


you could do that but i know FOR ME if i try that i dont stop eating...

IIRC, in CT's "pulse feast" one scenario has a morning workout followed by only having 3-4 scoops of MAG-10 spread evenly out until the feeding period hours later

martin berkham suggests pretty much the same outline except he recommends using BCAA's instead


just wondering, any certain reason why you want to try fasting?


Sure. As far as body recomposition methods go I've tried the Pulse Fast and liked it, though it was havok on my GI once or twice. At the moment I'm shooting for calorie deficit, and 6 small meals just don't work for me. Honestly if someone had told me a long time ago that I can try one or two big meals a day I would have been toying with fasting methods for awhile. Thanks for the advice.


I do BCAA pre and post workout when training fasted, then break the fast with a large post-workout meal. That could be at "breakfast" or at lunch, doesn't really matter if you are training with BCAA>


at the moment im doing 3x 50g whey + 10g BCAA shakes in the morning (1 before, 1 during, 1 after training), then eat a big ass meal with 100g of carbs and 100g protein bout 1hr after that, then making sure i get overall 300g protein/ 100g carb/200g maybe 150g fat a day before 9pm.
Its working in the mirror and i can still train like a mofo in the mornings


depending on how intense the workout is i've worked out basically completely fasted before and didn't feel any negative effects, sometimes even felt stronger. I did take BCAA's here and there but not everytime. However im not sure how to handle PWO stuff, since you would definitely want to get some nutrients in


Hey Caveman what is your goal right now? I think you get more protein before noon than I do all day. Solid looking diet.

Just did my morning workout fasted. It wasn't as big of a bitch as I thought it would be at all. Drank BCAAs throughout, had a PWO after. Going to do a big breakfast then fast for...twelve hours? I plan to throw some BCAAs with extra leucine in throughout the day. We'll see how this goes.