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Incorporating fast food into ones diet?

Working 40hrs/wk and going to school 20, fast food joints are sometimes my only savior before I plunk myself down on my bed. What fast food choices can I incorporate into my diet? Will a whopper with cheese, no bun, have its place in one of the keto diets ive read about in the archives? Time for bed. Night, night…thanks for any responses…

Wendy’s chili and grilled chicken, minus the bun. Or try one of the salads, a lot of them make salads now gasp

Go for the grilled chicken, minus the mayo, toss the bun.

Wendy’s and McDonald’s salads are good in my book…probably not the healthiest fats in the dressings, but much better than the alternative.

You know, you DO have a helluva lot of other options…canned tuna…canned salmon…beef jerkey…mixed nuts. Then if you have access to a refrigerator Grow!..cottage cheese…regular cheese.

Big mac and super sized fries…and a diet coke…that way you dont get the garbage calories from the soda hahaha…im jokin…salads look ok…but i would try a wawa ( if they are in your area) or a convience store that carries premade salads and stuff, and just hit up some cashews, jerky, cottage cheese…they have that all at wawa hehe.

i was going to say exactly what Desyphor said. i have been know to visit wendy’s on the odd occasion :wink:

I agree with CPA,
You have a TON more alternatives than to resort to fast food.

Sure its a pain to prepare all your meals ahead of time. But if you want results, you have to put in the effort and NOT eat for conveinence alone. I diet which incorporates fastfood (albeit healthier choices) on a regular basis…isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Jeez, I forgot to mention my suggestions!!

You mentioned that you like to eat fastfood before you “plunk yourself down to bed.” Well, how about preparing you meals for the week ahead of time?? That way, before you “plunk yourself to bed”…all you have to do is open your fridge, pop your meal into the microwave and enjoy. Grill your chicken and lean beef on the weekends and put them in tupperware. Cottage cheese + Grow! + natural peanut butter is the perfect before bed snack! How bout boiling some eggs and eating them?

Like I said before…you have a TON of options.

i started cooking my meals for the entire week on sundays, takes a couple of hours but saves tons of time during the week.

Steve Berardi wrote an article about eating heathly on the go. Its located here.

It gets tough sometimes, but keep at it.

In Faith,

OK, so ideally we’d all have the extra packed can of tuna, salad, pasta, protein bar, jerky, nuts tucked away for that emergency situation when we’re starving to death, losing muscle by the minute and no hope of getting home for several hours.

But back in the real world guys…

(NOTE, THESE SUGGESTIONS ALL DEPEND ON WHAT SORT OF DIET ROUTINE YOU ARE CURRENTLY FOLLOWING. I did NOT look up the P/F/C values for each, but they are widely available to research if you want to do a search. Most is just basic nutritional common sense!):

  1. Fast food joints:
    a) Subway sandwiches (the under 6g varieties) with extra meat, loadsa veggies, no extra dressing or cheese if you’re being strict.

    b) McDonalds grilled chicken salad, no dressing; OR Plain hamburger, buy two and toss 1 bun.

    c) BK Chicken whopper, no dressing (or use ketchup, mustard etc); OR BK grilled chicken baguettes (new).
    These are just a few. I’m sure others have good examples too.

  2. Gas stations…are a GODSEND!:

    Many now have cans of tuna, protein bars, lean meat sandwiches, cottage cheese, MILK (Ok so flame me!), yoghurt, nuts, jerky, fruit.

Yes, I know you would do better preparing all your meals in advance, to be taken every 3 hours without fail, etc… But these alternatives aren’t gonna kill ya, and they’re a darn site better than going catabolic while you sit and wait till a completely satisfactory meal alternative arises.

(To Jeet: I’m not clear whether you are looking for the purely low carb foods in your post. If you are, then of course you’re gonna have to restrict yourself to the nuts, jerky, various salads, cheese/cottage cheese, canned fish/meat alternatives.)

Dig in! SRS

Sounds to me you’re looking for an excuse and justification to eat fast food