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Incorporating Farmers Walks

Hey guys, thinking about incorporating farmers walks into my routine but I had a couple questions:

Should I do them on legs or back day? I’m on a push/pull/legs split right now, I’m kinda leaning towards legs because my grip is usually wrecked at the end of my back workout after deads, rows etc. Good idea?

Second I’ve read in many places that posture is very important when doing these and that you want to train the right motor patterns, especially when starting. Therefore I’m thinking of doing a little longer carries with less weight to try and establish a good base/form. Problem is, I don’t really know what duration my caries should be or what appropriate weight would be.

Thinking of doing like 70’s-90’s somewhere in there (will feel it out) for 50 feet (or until form breaks down) for like 5 sets. Does that sound right? If not how should I change it?

Thanks in advance nation, keep kicking ass

Why not do pull/push/legs and do them on both

It doesn’t make a difference whether you incorporate farmers walks into back or leg day it’s all the same and whatever your choice is the result is going to be the same. To answer your question I would put them in leg day.

Are you planning to use dumbbells or farmer walk implements? The implements are easier to grip because of the offset handle and typically they don’t get in the way of your legs as much. As a result, you can go much heavier. You’ll probably find that 70-90lbs for 50 feet is stupid easy, but that isn’t a bad starting point. Of course, if it’s at the end of your workout, a lot depends on how much you’ve got left in the tank.

[quote]chobbs wrote:
Why not do pull/push/legs and do them on both[/quote]

The order I do it in is actually legs/push/pull, so I could probably do that.

I’ll be doing them with dumbbells, at least for now. I don’t mind them being easy at first, just wanna get a good base and a setup that works for me.