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Incorporating Doubles and Triples

Hey all, I was looking to start incorporating doubles and triples in my workouts, especially on deadlift days, but how would I go about doing this? I’m going to be using Poliquin’s chart for strength(CNS) Obviously this would be the last set of the main lift of the day, but how much warmup should I do? How much volume before the last set? Appreciate the advice

Do you mean Prilepin’s chart? Anyway, it will depend on your routine overall. Post it up and it will be easier for people to give advice.

you will need enough warm up sets to get some blood flowing and get your form straight with the lighter weights before you move on to the heavy weights. Some people will recommend doing 10% jumps, others will tell you to jump by 40-50 lbs (adding 25’s and 45’s). I personally feel it depends on how strong you are at the lift you are warming up for. I deadlift 500 lbs and my warm up leading up to that weight would look like this:

95- 10 reps
135- 10 reps
185- 5 reps
225- 5 reps
275- 3 reps
315- 3 reps
365- 1 rep
405- 1 rep
455- 1 rep
500- 1 rep

If you could only deadlift 300 lbs i would have you warm up like this:

95- 10 reps
115- 10 reps
135- 5 reps
185- 3 reps
205- 1 rep
225- 1 rep
245- 1 rep
265- 1 rep
300- 1 rep

I looks like a lot of work but if you rest as needed it shouldn’t wear you out for the last set and it should give you plenty of reps to dial in your technique before you have to max out. Of course you will need to adjust these numbers for working up to a double or triple.