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Incorporating Chains and Bands


I'm looking to start using some chains and/or bands into my workouts. I lift for non-competitive maximal strenth (No shirts or suits used). Does anyone use bands for non-dynamic effort days? Any opinions: Will bands or chains improve the middle part of bench movement more than board presses or pin presses?



Yes to both. I was starting to use bands for board presses (3-4), and it was helping me alot. As for mid range strenght, consider floor presses w/ a close grip. Pin presses are for lockout strength. Also, with some tweaking, you can make the chains start loading midway. Of course though, maximizing bar speed and working on acceleration strength will eliminate midrange sticking points...or at least help with them.



Good response Jason.
Chains and bands have helped my mid-range and lock-out strength alot, if periodized properly they can do wonders for you.