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Incorporating Box Jumping


I've read the articles and the studies,

However, my question is to anyone who does box squat jumping in their training, notice an increase thier explosiveness when squatting? I was thinking about adding them to my routine, but I was curious to see if anyone can provide testimony to state that eversince they added box jumping, it has helped their squat numbers?


my answer is yes.

Once i started box jumping [regular, from seated and full squat] I began to actually know what it meant to “fire my glutes” in the squat, snatch, Clean/jerk.

I would highly Rx it. You will really get some speed developed. for the standard back squat the best turnover would be the box jump from seated. the best thing about stuff like box jumps for speed development is that you cannot do a rep that isnt fast. If its not fast you miss. If you miss your shin develop a handsome respect for not missing.