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Incorporating a Neck Harness

Hello guys and gals,

So when gyms are open, I usually do the Bill Starr 5x5 Power Routine:

Since that’s not the case now, I do about 100 each 3x a week of body weight squats, pull-ups and dips. Followed by 30 minutes of vertical climber for 30, 3x a week.

I recently bought a neck harness, of which I am completely 100% in the dark with regarding reps/sets/weight. The goal is to get a strong neck, and I’ve also read that working my neck will also enlarge my traps? Any one able to help me out with a routine I can add with what I’m currently doing?

I have used one here and there. The only thing it did for me was make my neck bigger around. It looks good in a shirt, but kinda makes your shoulders and arms look smaller. I wouldn’t do any less than 10 reps or so, neck and trap strains suck.

So 10 reps…how many sets/weight and times per week?

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Did you get this idea off AlphaDestiny?

It’s hard to give that specific of advice not knowing your history of injury, age, etc. Necks are delicate, with a hundred different muscles coming from all direction. Maybe two easy sets that you can get 15 reps with, then add some weight for 3 more sets for 10 reps. It’s just not an exercise you should grind out reps on. Twice a week at most.

Gotcha, thanks!

I did not

Unfortunately you’ll have to ignore the majority of this article due to not having weights but he gives some ideas for neck work in it.

You can easily build your neck without a harness just by hanging your head off your bed or a bench and going for higher reps. I do 30-50 usually front and back, you can do side too. I used to do these all the time in Muay Thai.

Thanks for starting this post. I got mine out today and did 4 sets of 15. My neck feels jacked like tonsillitis. I’ll be cussing you later when it’s gets sore.

I have done neck training with a harness quite a bit over the last 10 years.

While I use different techniques, here are some rough guidelines/tips:

  1. Warm up your neck like you would any other lift. Do 20-25 reps of a light weight (10-25 lbs) to start.

  2. Shoot for about 100 reps. I don’t really ever go below 25 reps. So, 4 sets of 25 is good, or 3 sets of ~35 is also good.

  3. Don’t go too heavy! Strained necks suck. As a 175 lbs or so dude, I usually stay in the 35-50 lbs range. I have gone up to 75 lbs, and paid for it. Think volume and quality reps, and not weight.

  4. Do front neck raises also to compliment these. For these, lay on your back (bench or mat), and place a wrapped small towel over a 10 lb plate and loosely hold it on your forehead. Then raise your neck and lower it. These only require 10-15 lbs typically, and 100 reps is also a good amount to shoot for. These will really get your throat area sore, but gets your neck looking pretty jacked.

  5. Maybe twice a week for each of these. Either on the same workout or alternate one with the other. You’ll see results pretty fast.

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