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Incorporated Veins into My New Tattoo


Hey everyone,
So here is the story behind this tattoo. On January 2nd, my buddy Mason, aka M1, died in an accident. We were gym buddies, so it was insanely hard to get through, but i managed. I had been wanting to get a tattoo to remember him, but i was so unsure because i wanted to make sure it was the right one. My veins on my left arm come together at the inside of the elbow to form a huge M. I got a 1 and his dates below it, cause i figured what better way to remember a gym buddy then when i get vascular? So here it is.

What do you think?


This isn't meant to sound insensitive, but I'm guessing/hoping y'all were closer than just "gym buddies". Either way, it's a nice gesture.


Cool idea. in my opinion the only way to get ink is if it means something.

Where did you get it done?


Sorry to hear about your buddy- he was so young. Nice way to remember him.


I would get the M put in.

Sorry about your buddy.


It's decent, it's not over the top which is the way it should be for memorial tats. what makes it special is the meaning behind it, good reason to get ink.(I have one as well, memorial to a friend). anyway sorry for your loss man.


Thank you everyone for the sympathy. It means a lot.

WhiteFlash: We were good friends outside the gym as well. We had many classes together and talked for hours every day. The gym though, that is a special bond. Many people can say they were his friend, but i was his gym partner. No matter what. It wasn't insensitive at all.

Steel nation: Its a rough photograph, i was wiped out and not very vascular at the time. The M on my veins does bulge all the time though. And the only way i would get the M put on is if my veins some how change shape or something. But i believe tattoos are your way of remembering before anyone else's, so make it the way you want it.