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Incorporate Tabata into 531 as Conditioning Tool


Good afternoon Jim. I am finishing my 100 reps challenge soon. For the next cycle, I plan to do BBB variation 2 together with 5 progression on the main lifts. At the same time I plan to incorporate Tabata regime at the end of the lifting for my conditioning.

I plan to use goblet squat/front squat for my tabata and only do it on lower body days (squat/deadlift). Is that a good idea?


Hi, Not Jim but I’d consider the following:

  • What do you want to incorporate tabata for? What are your specific goals?
  • Have your got a decent Aerobic base?
    And I think this is also important:
  • Research Shows that initial improvement with this Type of Training comes to a near halt after a few weeks
  • in my opinion it is Reality Hard Go program… just doing it would’nt be enough for me.


I meint to Write: hard to program…

I guess doing sprints is the bettet Option… on a separate day I’d recken…


No, I do not recommend it unless it is properly programmed as part of a total training program.


Plan to incorporate Tabata because I wish to shorten my hours in gym due to other commitments. I train my lifting and conditioning on the same day and Tabata seems can fulfill my objective. My conditioning on training day only involve incline walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes.

My aerobic base is ok.

Not really aiming to progress on the conditioning.My main focus is getting stronger on the main lifts and build some muscle with BBB and also to reinforce my techniques.

Thanks for the feedback.


Thanks Jim.


I have been doing this on and off for 5 years. I never even thought to ask for anyone’s input. I do not think it has hurt gains in strength at all and it has definitely helper me lose body fat.
Now that I am thinking about it - here’s what I think:
I agree it is time efficient and it is definitely a nut buster.
I use treadmill sprints on an upper body day and sometimes kettle bell swings on
squat/ DL days. It also allows me to get some extra posterior chain work (KBs)
while raising my heart rate- actually it often makes feel like I am going to die.
I try not to do it the day before I squat/ DL- but sometimes ya gotta do what
ya gotta do.
I have been focusing on my conditioning for the last few months and I am up to
540 lbs. on the Prowler for what I think is about 20 yards - I know this is not a lot
for some but it is for me. I’d estimate that the prowler trips take
somewhere around 20-30 seconds: i try and keep my rest periods to 10
seconds but it is certainly not an exact science. Sometimes that is all I
do after I pull.
Again- I have never asked anyone what they thought- I just did it. I have lost
a butload of weight and gained some strength. This was purely instinctual
move that has happened to work for me.
Just like you- a lack of time is what prompted the move.
Good luck.


Then again- if conditioning and/or weight loss is not your goal, why torture yourself like this? Just do some fsl/ ssl work maybe with some supersets- and call it a day.