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Incorporate HFT ??


I was just wondering if any one know if the correct way to incorporate HFT into my current program, is to retain my current program and just add the one exercise (for mass gaining) to each of my workouts.... in the 3 on 1 off 2 on 1 off method... or to change it to full body workouts but paying special attention to the one exercise....???? im a bit confused


does anyone have any information that could help???


It just depends on how you set it up. Chad has laid out HFT in many different ways.

I would do it over a basic split but reduce the workout volume of whatever bodypart you are doing. Let's say you decide on chest. I'd pick on or two movements and a weight you could do 6-10 times, maybe something like inc db press. On Chest day do only one movement for strength. Four other days of the week you could do 1-2 sets stopping short of failure on DB Inc Press.

That is just how I mite set it up. Chad's old article goes into detail using triceps I think where he constantly rotates the movement and the set/rep scheme.

PS, I've also used push ups. And while I didn't see much size gain, i recovered well and could do more push ups.


I've incorporated it for pullups and rehab work on my right bicep. 5 days a week, I do 3 set of pullups to failure, 3 sets of right side only curls. Been doing it for a month or so, and seen some good improvement on both.


thanks guys...
the way i have read the article it seems to me like i can just add the one exercise i have chosen(Which is Bicep curls, i have really stubborn biceps)to the start of my workouts (which are one body part a day)e.g chest day

Ez Bar curls 3 sets as man reps as possible with a 6 - 9 rep max

Flat D/B press- 4 sets
Incline Flyes- 4 sets
Incline BB press- 4 sets
Dips- 5 sets

Thanks again


Does anyone have anything to add??


"HFT"? Give me a break.

There is nothing new to the idea that if you do something OFTEN, you will GET BETTER AT IT. That's just called PRACTICE, it doesn't need some hoity toity name or a bunch of other variables and shit to go with it.