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Inconsistent Performance Since Experimenting with Dose Change

I need advice. I have a date coming up with a legit 10/10 in two days and my performance has been inconsistent since experimenting with dose changes. I’ve been talking a big game since we met via a dating app around a month ago, and she’s hinted at being somewhat submissive and needing disciplined. What should I do?

I was experimenting with about 12mg daily subq t injections. Past few days I have raised the dosage to 16mg per day. My performance is hit or miss when I am not dialed in. Guys what should I do?

Two days? Not much you can do but get some Cialis.


Agreed, get some cialis.

Agree, cialis is about it this close to game day. I prefer viagra but timing has to be a little more precise with it. Either can do the trick.

can you tell me about viagra timing, its all i will be able to get my hands on

Lasts a couple of hours tops, takes maybe 20-30 mins for it to start working for me but will be different for everyone. I’d try it ahead of time if you can just to see how it works for you

For me it takes a bit longer to get going 40 min or so, longer unless taken on an empty stomach. Also it’s very bitter/bad tasting so don’t try to chew it to speed up absorbtion which I do with cialis sometimes.

I think it’s got a 4 hour half life so you could take some before going out and a booster later on. (Not medical advice)

If you can try some before hand it’s not a bad idea.

I’m a pro.

Take a little cialis the morning of the date.

100mg viagra 1/2 hour before dinner. I’m assuming it’s generic. You’ll be good for a morning bang too.

WHen you leave to go eat, pop the viagra.

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great, thanks so much everyone. This girl is great and I know she really wants it. I have gotten my hands on two Viagra pills. I am going to take the first right before I leave on the date. I am going to break the second one up and take it about 3 hours later.

The date is kind of early, around 7:30, so I am not certain if that changes any idea / strategies people had.

What dosage are they?

Not sure, just have two blue pills…

You’ll know if they’re working when you start getting stuffy nose and seeing a bit bluish.

That’s when it’s go time.


Okay, you think I can take one before I leave ~7:30pm and still be good to go by around midnight?


For me, a 100mg will last all night.

Just make sure to take one about 30-45 mins before your dinner on an empty stomach if possible. Then eat light. Try not to eat a lot of fat. Think fish.

Can always pop the other one later on.

If you ed not bad 50 plenty. Last a good 4 hours.

2x100mg and you’ll need the blood drained out of your dick. Don’t take a retarded amount unless you actually need it

Get some Tri-mix.

On the submissive part… Be dominant and stem but loving and she’ll call you Daddy for life. Most guys don’t understand that when a women wants a dominant partner they aren’t looking for a mean dickhead. They want a man that will bend them over their knee and then gently run their back and be loving. Put a towel down cause that shit makes the faucet run.


Can confirm.
-guy with a smokeshow wife that’s 15 years his junior and several orders of magnitude out of his league


Hell yeah!


Some use a combo of Viagra plus Cialis, but the latter does the job for me. My brief trial with Viagra gave me headaches that defeated the purpose.

On a similar note: Any of you guys ever tried PT-141 ( Bremelanotide)?