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Incomprehensible Machine Explanation


Wondering if you guys could help me out.

While back I saw a video of some sales guy explaining the benefits a new version of some enormous machine. The whole video was incomprehensible if your not in the industry. The sales guy is in a suite and it looks like one of those safety videos you watch when you first get hired for a new job. I remember laughing my ass off at this guy for hours.

I have been looking for this on you tube forever. If someone has any idea of what I'm talking about please help me. I think it would be hilarious to memorize some of it and fuck with people at parties.


No idea.




I know what you're talking about. I believe its a clever parody and not an actual training video. I'll be damned if I know how to find it.


^^thats the one!

...that I was thinking of. Im not the OP.


that was damn funny...very clever and damn funny


ha ha. thats not it but its from the same company. this one allowed me to find the one i was looking for on the related videos though. thanks bro!


So where do I get one? My old one is falling apart...





New Version
Enormous Machine
LMAO for hours


That was awesome!


We had to use one of those in the mock up phase of sub system development and testing to guarantee voltage stability and isometric compliance.

It didn't work. Everything was way off. After a few years we ended up scrapping the whole thing.

I did end up with a nice set of screwdrivers though.


That's pretty funny.

I like the old guy better, even though its the exact same script.


that was amazing



Mine works fine, but sometimes you have to diametrically calibrate the delta-wye rectifier, thus transposing the sinusoidal wave into a cosinusoidal wave and leaving you with the proper ratio of pascals to microfarads to stable out the inherent voltage supression of the system.


So we had it backwards?

Man, thats beat. It looked the same on the o-scope.