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Incomplete Extension in the Snatch

Hi guys, I recorded my snatch from a side angle, and found out that when I try squat snatches as opposed to power snatches, my feet jump in a weird way, which makes me think I might not be fully extending.

How could i correct that or any other mistakes that can be seen in the video? Any comments are welcome.

It looks like you’re reaching a full extension on the full snatch, but your feet are closer together. Can you squat with a wider stance? If not, stretch glutes and adductors until you can (mobilitywod.com)

I’ll try that!

However, I still don’t think I’m reaching full extension in the full snatch cause neither my knees nor my ankles are fully extended when jumping…

bro i use this cue, once the bar passes knees i just think about jumping and everything falls in place. i might be wrong. but helps me to extend fully