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Include it or not?!

I’ve been having to wake up 4-5 times a night to go to the bathroom, so I’m trying to taper my water intake throughout the day. I drink a gallon of water every day and 50oz. w/ SURGE after workouts by 5:30pm. I still get up too much to where I lose sleep. My question is if I can include surge as my water intake or not? I rather get more rest than water. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks.

I usually just include my PW drink w/ my daily water intake. Besides, if your losing sleep, then you need to cut back, because that time is crucial to recovery. Thats just my 2 cents.

Definately include the water you use with Surge! Also, waking up 4-5 times a night does not sound normal at all, even with high fluid intakes. Do you generally urinate a lot even with normal fluid intake?

yeah man…1-5 times?? that’s a lot of peeing. Do you have some kidney problems or infection??

on only a gallon a day, waking up 4-5 times is unhealthy. i drink 2 gallons minimum a day, and get up maybe once a night. you might want to get checked out by a doctor for diabetes. especially if you are feeling lethargic. my friend was urinating a couple of times an hour a few years back, and found out that he had it. im not saying you do, but you might want to check it out to be sure.

I usually wake up 2 to 3 times a night to drain it. I too taper my water intake as the day goes on. If you wake up that much, leave a little protein powder in a shaker on the bathroom sink, when you wake up drink a serving of Grow and maybe that might help offset any negative effects of waking up and losing 2 minutes sleep.