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Inclines w/ Flat Bench and Power Rack

So I need to get some incline benching done and only have a power rack and a flat bench.

I figure other people have had to work around this before. Currently I’m thinking put the head end of the bench on the lower supporting bar at the back of the rack, slap some plates in front of the bench and voila.

Anyone done this before? I’m in no way strong, flat bench around 82KG on a good day as a max.

Just want second opinions on how safe this is and if anyones tried it cause I can imagine a nasty accident if it goes wrong… it’s not a high incline though and the bench has sturdy rubber ends on them.



You can’t just put plates under the back support of the incline? Even if you only get like a 15-25 degree incline (which I think is best for chest as it lessens the shoulder involvement a great deal) it’ll still be damn good.